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  1. worsham769

    Bigger Carb??

    Do I need the original 100 jets and what about the throttle cable hookup?
  2. worsham769

    Bigger Carb??

    Wanting to know if it would be advantageous to put a bigger carb on my crf 80. Already has pipe, airbox mods, and rejetted with size 100 main.
  3. worsham769

    crf 80 cam/mods

    Cant answer that, the bike came with the fmf pipe and i did the other mods pretty much at the same time. The 15 tooth cs seemed to be a real improvement, the taller gears and pep are good, just dont like my 11 yr old being able to go 60 mph!!
  4. worsham769

    crf 80 cam/mods

    BBK? Would i need to change valves, etc.
  5. worsham769

    crf 80 cam/mods

    04 crf 80 with snorkle removed, air box drilled, fmf exhaust, 15 tooth sprocket, and size 100 main with needle washer lowered. I am wondering how much low to mid i would gain with a cam or about any other mods beside over boring??
  6. worsham769

    No Fire

    Removed My Flywheel And Stator To Get To Look At Timing Chain, Put Everything Back , No Spark. Remove Again To See What I Missed And Put Back Still No Fire. Any Help Out There.
  7. Just bought a used xr 50, changed oil but wrong plug put the timing chain tensioner in wrong " already wear a sign" . Cant get piston to slide back out, took out side bolt but still stuck. Any ideas?