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  1. metalm0

    450 wont even try to fire

    Haha ya thats for sure. Another thing I am not sure this is like how it is on the wr's, but I am used to 2 stroke, but do you actually have to take the tank off to change the plug? doesnt seem like too much room in there, I dont have to do it, just was curious.
  2. metalm0

    450 wont even try to fire

    Haha this is going to sound like a newb but I swear there was gas in there when I was trying to get it to fire. I pulled the hose from the petcock to drain the tankl, not a drop of gas. I threw some gas in there and first touch of the start button she fired. Battery is having trouble keeping charge though through the night.
  3. metalm0

    450 wont even try to fire

    Ya fuel was on. He literally hasnt ridden the bike for a few months so I am guessing bad gas. I am gonna buy a new plug and drain the carb and tank tonight. Now with these 4 stroke carbs, whats the best way to drain them? Thanks. Josh
  4. metalm0

    450 wont even try to fire

    Ok I will have to run and grab a plug and drain all the fluids. I will give that a go tomorrow night. Thanks a lot. Josh
  5. metalm0

    450 wont even try to fire

    Ok I know this would be technically the wrong section since its a yfz450 rather than a yz450f but the question is on a cousins quad so didnt want to register for a new forum just for one querstion. Anyways, the bike will crank and crank and crank and not even a sign of trying to fire. He never rides the bike so I figured I would take it out for a spin and this happened. Plenty of gas, maybe bad gas from sitting for so long? No spark? Didnt think this ever happened to 4 strokes with spark plug problems, just wanted to see what you all could throw out there. Thanks. Josh
  6. metalm0

    Need Help YZ426

    Should just pull the clutch cover and then its right there. Had to replace one on my 500, not too much of a pain. I dont know if its any different on the 4 strokes though.
  7. metalm0

    opinions from actual riders

    O ok well I am still not sure on a YZ or WR setup yet, but what should I be looking for when I go look at a few bikes such as noticeable problems on them besides the basics. Thanks.
  8. Fastest quad: 250r with a sabertooth 500 setup runnining alky it dynos for over 100 hp! Fastest dirt bike: cr500 bored slightly running on alky with a wet nitrous setup and extended swingarm... he had set up for hillclimb and had a 16 paddle on the rear Fastest sport bike: 99 stock r1; afraid of asphalt haha
  9. metalm0

    Bike Choice help?

    wasn't going against your point, someone said dual sporting the 2 stroke in the U.S. is not an option. It is just rather a lot more work.
  10. metalm0

    opinions from actual riders

    Well that makes it a lot better. haha so what was your maintenance schedule like with that bike?
  11. metalm0

    Need a downsize

    kdx 220 maybe or 125 2 stroke
  12. I was curious upon what you all thought about your yz400f and yz426fs? Been riding several years now on cr500s and will be heading off to Cal Poly so that means lots of time at Oceano Dunes (Pismo). I love my cr500s, but been having a ton of trouble with them lately and it always seems like once one thing is fixed you got another such as overheating issue with them in the dunes. Anyways, I was wanting to get some opinions on buying my first 4 stroke. Looking at yz 400/426 due to price reasons and wanted to see if I can get some input from the actual riders of these bikes. Preferably how well they work on the dunes. Not looking for a drag bike nor anything special. I am looking for a bike that I can have fun with at the dunes, hills, and track. Thanks a lot. Josh
  13. metalm0

    YZ400F Not Kicking/Starting

    Possibly related to the kickstart gear? I broke one of them and the piece got lodged in between the gear and the clutch gear...
  14. im 17 5 foot 11 160 pounds. my cr500 was fun and easy to dune and smoked many bikes up hills when I was just bogging it up a hill. thinking of where i will be at the cr500 seems to be most logical choice.
  15. Hmm... well might as well get the cr500 and plate that baby. Ive seen a few done here even in cali under the special construction vehicle section of dmv. i am just hoping that this next cr500 won't give me the same problems, but I will definitely go newer this time. thank you all for your help.