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  1. smittyflip

    Broken flags!!!

    i use these and they are awsome. flickwhip.com
  2. i have a yz250 currently and to all those that have both a 250 pinger and a 250f, or have ridden both would i be seriously dissapointed in the long run if i switched to a 250f for racing? i have ridden a 250f before but i also did not have my YZ then. im selling my bike to my dad to get a 250f so it will still be around to ride for when i need my 2 stroke fix, but im just wondering if i would be bored on the 250f
  3. im in the market for a pitbike and i was looking at the pister pro x2, and some of the ssr models. my questions is do all of the aftermarket honda xr50 parts fit most of these, like bbr parts of other? i dont think i can afford to get a honda and mod it out like some others, so do these parts usually fit the pitsters and other like that that are based off of the crf50. thanks for your help
  4. smittyflip

    Chain adjustment bolts

    sweet guys thanks for the help, i didnt think there would be any problem but i was just making sure. And i like that it might be a little more stable out in the whooped out sand. thanks again. this is my first trip to the dunes with my new bike so wish me luck!
  5. I know this is thumpertalk but i thought this might apply to all dirtbikes so i went ahead and posted anyways. On my yz250 i just put a paddle on to go out to the dunes and the regular length chain is just a little bit too short and the paddles dont clear the swing arm. i added a link to the chain and my problem is with the extra link the chain seems pretty long and i have to run the adjuster bolts pretty far out, and i was wondering if there are any problems with doing this? its a well used chain because i didnt want to throw on a brand new one to go ruin in the sand, so im not too worried about it stretching within two days at the dunes. sorry for the long explanation but i was just wondering if there are any problems with running the adjuster bolts way out? thanks for your help
  6. Check the multimedia section on Motoutah.com.
  7. smittyflip

    '05 vs. '06

    the bike has suspention work done, exhaust, and a lot of other goodies. do u think that the extras would make it any better than an '06
  8. smittyflip

    '05 vs. '06

    im currently looking for a new bike, and i could get a great deal on an '05 kxf250 for $3,900, and it looks almost brand new, but iwas wondering if it would be worth it to spend the extra money to bump up to an '06. would the difference be that significant?
  9. im down in salt lake. im going to start to hunt around for a job, and i also mow lawns in the summer. i guess i will have to get my priorities strait and stop spending money on other things.
  10. . i know there are kids on here with relatively new bikes and i was wondering for those of you who bought your own bike or at least helped buy it, what did you do to make money. besides allowance from your parents. i am just wondering because there are not too many places around here that i can get a job being only 15 years old.
  11. i posted this in the general forum but thought it would fit better here. is the prosess for checking valve any different on the yz450f compared to the yfz450 quad?
  12. would the yz450's be any different to check than the yfz450 quad. the reason i am asking is because i have checked the valves on the quad and i was wondering if it would be the same for the bike?
  13. smittyflip

    Is it just me?

    thanks for the replies. i was thinking about the 250f in the dunes and all, and it did not seen that great of an idea, and every time i think about it the 450 seems more suitable for me, now i begin my search for a 450!
  14. smittyflip

    Is it just me?

    open desert trails and dunes. i hardly ever ride tight woods and things like that, that is why i was leaning towards the 450, and i am at about 5,000' alt. so that may tame town the 450 some
  15. smittyflip

    Is it just me?

    so what do you think, ride a 250f and have fun from the begining and buy a 450 later, or buy a 450 now and spend time to get used to it?