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    450X Q's

    Thanks for the spacer info...look to me as if I just want to switch the wheel over quickly there might be some type of threaded cap that would/could fit over the odometer cable port in order seal from dirt??? If not already available I may have a machine shop buddy make one and offer it on the site for convenience sake. I get the spacer concept and would switch over via a spacer if it was an extended use situation...say for more than just a pit in a race to finish or something.
  2. Dez Scooter

    450X Q's

    Picked up a new 05' 450X and also have a 450R. Does anyone know of a simple cap that can fit over the odometer cable port on my X front wheel assem. so I can interchange rims with the F if needed. I assume the rear is an exact fit. Also, I'm looking for the minimal kit components that will allow me to get the X street legal in UT. I think I can get by with a tail/brake light in the rear along with some sort of horn. Any suggestions would be great. BTW I ran the X stock in the Mesquite WORCS...no way is this bike slow like I heard prior to buying...jumped everything on the track without touching a single adjustment what-so-ever. Railed the deep sand for over an hour passing a lot of overheated bikes...no problem! COOL!