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  1. Thank you!!! just the advice I needed!!! I have an 02 and live a 6,000 feet... just pulled the old jet and it is a 45... I will start with a 42 and might even pick up a 40... Glad I don't have to pull and overhaul the carb... yet.
  2. has anybody seated their fuel screw and had the bike still run? without having to make radical idle adjustments?
  3. pulled the fuel screw and it looks good (?) if I know what good looks like!
  4. Thanks... looks like I might have to pull and clean the entire carb... this query will give me something to look for on the rebuild... just wondering if replacing the needle and/or jet will save some time...
  5. I'm trying to get a better low end for tight trails and started adjusting the fuel screw in and was getting better low end response... I finally seated the screw all the way in and the bike still ran... is something really screwed up... can the bike run with the screw seated? It wasn't running that bad when a I had the darn thing seated... looks like a total carb cleaning is in order, just looking for info that the bike can actually run with a seated fuel screw...
  6. Anybody have the phone number for FMF... I was at their website and could not find any mention of phone sales, much less a e-mail link for inquiries.
  7. OK... sounds like a good idea to replace the reducer... not sure if it just got worn down from use or the pipe stretched out. This should give me the answer! Go to plan B if this doesn't work!
  8. It is a first generation Q muffler... i believe the powercore 4 mufflers used the same system. Last time I sealed it I let it set two weeks... a month later, rattling again. Getting tired of constantly resealing it!! I have been using "Ultra Copper High Temp RTV"... would the red stuff be tougher?
  9. The FMF silencer that I have on my 02 crf450r utilizes a aluminium reducer to mate the header with the midpipe. The reducer/ headpipe connection is fairly tight, but the reducer/ midpipe connection has become quite loose. I am constantly resealing it with high temperature silicone and in quickly becomes loose and starts rattling becase the gap is so large. can some suggest help me with my options? 1. Hose clamp... would I need to split the midpipe to get it to clamp on to the reducer? 2. tougher gap filling silicone? (black rtv?) 3. JB Weld the reducer to the headpipe... (my latest crazy idea ,but the package says the working range is to 600 degrees and I don't know the temp of the system) Anybody have this issue before?
  10. Guess I could just drain the oil thats in it now and give it a sniff!!! That would work huh?
  11. Tranny fluid and kerosene? Sounds like a good idea, but is tranny fluid good for the engine and isn't kerosene flamable? I guess the new oil would dilute the residual atf, but I'm not a chemist and couldn't kerosene have residual vapors that could ignite? I like the idea though... check to see if the temps got high enough for oil to scorch...
  12. I cooked my bike (02 450f) a couple weeks ago at the Idaho City 100... It was running super hot and popped a bit, and when I got to the third check I found it had no radiator fluid left... I added water and abandond the ride... I figure I could have been riding some gruling hot climbs for about 45 minutes (or more) without coolant. The bike seems to run fine... starts on the first kick and sounds great, but I am afraid to take it out on the trail. Think that I need to take her apart and change the piston, etc.. or can these hondas take heat aand keep on ticking... She never siezed or anything... just popped like she was super hot.
  13. Thanks for the input... probably buy one new and will look into the low mount...
  14. I have a 2002 crf450r I bought used and it has an Applied triple clamp... I am looking into putting a scotts stabilizer on it. I would like to put a sub mount on but the web sites that I go to do not list a Applied triple clamp application... what application will work with this clamp??? Also... should I buy new or would one off ebay be just fine.... don't know if they have upgraded over the years and one off a street bike might not have as much wear and tear as one off a birt bike! Any input would be appreciated!
  15. I recently got a set of front fork springs from a guy with a new rmz450... he said they were the stock spring with a .46 spring rate... they have two marks with another single mark about 70 Degrees away... I'm just confused because I have a set of older springs for my crf450 from factory connection with almost the same markings that rate .49... any help?