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  1. cn05

    front brake line problem

    i used 95 kx100 forks, but i kept the drz caliper and master cylinder, the kx brake cable wouldnt mount up correctly, but it will be all good soon. plus i just won a shock on ebay. ill post picks as soon as i get it all done
  2. cn05

    front brake line problem

    well, i solved my problem. a local hydraulic shop can make me a custom stainless steel line for about $40.00 much better than $90 for a stock line that doesnt work
  3. i did a front end swap with '95 kx100 forks. everything went fine except for the front brake line. the stock drz line was too short, so i bought a new kx100 line, but that doesnt fit either. it mounts up way different and is too long, plus the way it routes is under the fork and it hangs real low. what do i do now?
  4. cn05

    DRZ125 Valve Spring Mod

    i heard the same thing, but i am afraid to try it cause i don't want to take the chance of floating a valve...anyone else done this?
  5. cn05

    Powroll Ignition ????

    what year dr100 ignition box?
  6. cn05

    selling 125l

    ya, that might not be a bad idea. i have a set of 2001 rm80 forks with new seals, heavy springs and new rotor, if your interested. i think for now ill try and list it and see what happens. probably wouldnt hurt to try.
  7. cn05

    selling 125l

    i have a '05 drz125l with a fresh 143 kit, big gun pipe and kx100 forks. im gonna sell it, so how much should i list it for....would 2800 obo be too much?
  8. i just won a set of kx100 forks on ebay and i was wondering if the stock front caliper from my drz is going to bolt up? I know i need a longer front axle and brake line, but im not sure about the caliper.
  9. cn05

    what about swingarm for RM85/DRZ125

    u need to check and see if ur axle will fit, u might need an rm85 front axle and ur probably gonna need a front rotor too. i nput a 2001 rm80 front end on mine and all i needed was the rotor.
  10. cn05

    125 big bore

    how much of a difference does the 150 kit make? I was thinking about buying the 190 kit from engines only, but it is expensive. Is the 150 kit worth the money the money or should i save for the 190? (EO claims 16hp with their kit)
  11. i just installed rm 80 forks on my drz125, and i have a brake rotor on order, how much smaller is the rm 80 rotor than the 125L rotor? is it going to work?