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  1. adam456

    Kx 65 swinger...PICS!

    what the hell is wrong with all the smart mouth punks on here. im gettin ready to mod out my drz 110. i have a rm 65 for parts. and i can tell you right now.judgeing from the bikes that dirtbikeq has post i would take his word before i would from the guy that put up pictures of that stinkbugging 70's looking hot rod.. that thing is jacked up so high in the back it needs a racing slick.i bet it handles like a dream in the corners.he was just offering advice and all of you started bashing him. well it looks like he knows what he is talking about. look at his bikes and look at the dragster in the first post. dirtbikeq you have way more patients with smart mouthing than i do bro.
  2. adam456

    2003 xr80 upgrades

    where could i find out more extensive mods for an xr 80. like which pipe and motor mods.where can i find more info on my 80.