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  1. kamikazi dr rider

    2 Part Question here, mold and lower back

    Just going out on a limb about your back, but because you had surgery I would get a docs opinion on the matter. I haven't had any back surgery but my lower back pops quite often. So it could be normal, (more or less) I imagine that fusing two together could be increasing the amount of force while bending and moving at the joint site. Mold? depends on what type it is. Although I don't know enough to give you any qualified answer. Did the ship have asbestos insulation?
  2. kamikazi dr rider

    forced induction cr125?

    Need a crank driven roots style supercharger that is machined into the head. and operated via spur gears. Easy....
  3. Was at a stop light the other evening (double lane) making a left hand turn. Light turns green and start going through the corner, and the driver in a suv just cut me off and ran me off the road going through the corner. I know they saw me, because they were in the lane to my left at the red light for a few minutes before it turned green. luckily I noticed they decided to merge over the top of me, before it actually occurred. I hit the F-U button, and gave them the one finger salute. At the next gas station they were going to stop until I whipped in behind them. All I wanted to do was chew their ass for moment.
  4. kamikazi dr rider

    forced induction cr125?

    Thing is, when I can push the same amount of power from a lighter, smaller, more nimble machine, odds are that I'll be able to handle it better yet have more on tap power to pass you. If we always used the logic (at least what I'm getting from it) in your post, everyone could just be ridding around on bikes with big ol motors.
  5. kamikazi dr rider

    Best Tires for steep loose gravel logging roads?

    They work pretty good for me, with about a 50-50 mix of black top, and gravel. If you primarily ride on gravel roads you might step it up to a little more aggressive tire yet. Kenda makes a mean tire for cheap. The K760 II These are more suitable for more off road than on road though. Edit* I really don't like the Kenda on the front, its just the rear that I think is good! Get the D606 for the front!
  6. kamikazi dr rider

    Jeep Wrangler question

    Yes! that was the one. I couldn't recall. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. kamikazi dr rider

    Best Tires for steep loose gravel logging roads?

    Get the 606's
  8. kamikazi dr rider

    Best Tires for steep loose gravel logging roads?

    So that your tire doesn't just dig a big hole. I often ride on the same type roads as you do.(about 15 minutes south of BC.) Sounds like you need a little more aggressive tire and maybe a little lower gearing. Also there is some riding technique that must be incorporated. Such as weighting the rear, without going over backwards. Also if you start the bike across the road(flat) you can get going much easier without hammering on the clutch. Also don't use your front brake to hold your position. Hope this helps
  9. kamikazi dr rider

    forced induction cr125?

    Supercharging is very possible. Naysayers are just that, with some research you'll find it can be done. 2 smokes are difficult because of the design, however I think I have the cure for that. Basically it is in the bar napkin stage of engineering, and I'm not ready to give it away.
  10. kamikazi dr rider

    P0135 Trouble Code

    just a quick tidbit, check the o2 harness connection point. If it got wet, or is dirty it's possible that the sensor shorted. I don't know if the O2 sensors are set anything like on an f150 although I imagine they are similar. If that is the case you can simply swap the front and rear O2 sensor and be fine. On a ford triton at least the rear O2 is only used to monitor the cat performance, doesn't effect drive-ability or performance. It will still trigger a check light, however if once you move the sensor if it trips again then you know for a fact that the sensor is bad. Most likely the sensor is old and needs to be replaced.
  11. kamikazi dr rider

    Jeep Wrangler question

    I would pass on the 89 wrangler. If you look around a bit you can find better deals than that. You might even consider looking a little farther north too. Try and find one with a hardtop, if you don't no big deal, but sometimes its nice. Also a locking center console/security box in a jeep is a must. If you're patient you could probably get one of the newer wranglers (TJ) for not a whole lot more. I just browsed over the ads from the area and there are a few different jeeps around. I don't know if the 4cyl is on your list or not, but it will move a wrangler around. Also have you possibly considered a jeep Cherokee. The little one (xj) those can be made into very capable offroad vehicles and are a bit more stable than the yj/tj. Hook one up with some old man emu suspension, a roll cage, locker for the front, and you're set. One note about the manual trans. I can't recall if it is a AX15? I dunno???? anyway one of those jeep trans is known for failure. You'll have to look it up because I can't recall at the moment. And stay away from the automatic trans, they suck!
  12. kamikazi dr rider

    out of gas

    In the AF we are told about this. (specifically diesels) and it is because of foaming. Does it really make that big of a difference? Probably not, but if you use a lot of fuel then you might see enough gain to warrant your extra time at the pump.
  13. kamikazi dr rider


    He's no longer with us... BTW Welcome back!
  14. kamikazi dr rider

    car suggestions?

    Take a physics course and report back... Center of gravity has nothing to do with the total mass of the vehicle. It depends on the distribution of the weight.