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  1. GeoffKoop

    2006 CRF 450R- air filter

    It is the Twin Air filter that cost about $24.
  2. GeoffKoop

    2006 CRF 450R- air filter

    Is the "Twin Air" filter an identical swap for the stock? Do i just lube it up and throw it on the stock cage? Thanks
  3. GeoffKoop


    I have an 06... I want to get a good quality gold chain... Do i need to get a spacer for an O-ring chain? Or will it work ok if i just put it on?
  4. GeoffKoop

    Chain & Sprockets

    so is it worth the price of the aftermarket chain guide to run 14/53? Seems like a good idea.
  5. GeoffKoop

    Chain & Sprockets

    Do you know how much slower the top speed will be than stock? Would it be acceptable out in the desert as well?
  6. GeoffKoop

    Chain & Sprockets

    I think ill try 13/49 this time.
  7. GeoffKoop

    Sproket Sizing

    I have a stock 2006 CRF 450. I am getting a new chain and sprockets. Do you recommend that i go a tooth bigger in the rear? I ride tracks and freeride in the hills. Thanks
  8. GeoffKoop

    Chain & Sprockets

    Did you go any larger in the rear for motocross? I was thinking maybe i could lug 3rd easier if i did? So iron man is the way to go huh? Not a bad idea. Do i need any spacers or can i just slap it on? Thanks
  9. GeoffKoop

    Chain & Sprockets

    My stock chain broke yesterday... I need to order new chain and sprockets. Should i just go with the renthal package? I ride mostly out in the hills and i am a novice track rider. Bike is an 06. Thanks
  10. GeoffKoop

    Pro Honda Oil?

    you dont want to run synthetic in the tranny side. I run Honda gold bottle in the motor and Honda red bottle in the tranny.
  11. GeoffKoop

    Ahhhh dang wife.

    I agree. Depends on your wifes personality though. I would tell her that it is a passion of yours, and you need it in your life. Eventually she will understand....it just takes time.
  12. GeoffKoop

    left honda for RMZ

    Good luck starting that RMZ once you stall.
  13. GeoffKoop

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    Travis is definitely not a punk....he is great for the sport. Now get a life.
  14. GeoffKoop

    Survey: 06 CRF450R Owner Opinions

    10 Baby! I cant beleive i rode a 2-stroke for so long.