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  1. MX4peace

    how often do u practice?

    Once a week if I can. gotta real job now..........
  2. MX4peace

    The new ON ANY SUNDAY

    Man I'd like to see that
  3. MX4peace

    Over Jumping at Track

    braking is key
  4. MX4peace

    How do you get good starts?

    My starts suck. Especially in hare scrambles when you have to start the bike after the gate goes down.
  5. MX4peace

    your favorite mx boot

    I love my tech 8's but the soles wore out pretty quic. Using them for SM now
  6. MX4peace

    Jump takeoff tips

    My advice, don't let off the gas. The suspension decompresses and your likely to do an endo!!!
  7. Nope. Only seems necessary at high speeds
  8. MX4peace

    Jumping in the wind

    I've had freaky feelings jumping a big table top with a cross wind. I almost landed off the track
  9. MX4peace

    Whats your most embarrasing injury?

    Hurt the boys pretty bad missing a double
  10. MX4peace

    Tm sponsorship

    Who owns tm anyway? I heard it was bombardier????
  11. Man those things look sweet. I want one
  12. MX4peace

    Replacement Piston Question (Compression Choice)

    I went with the 13:1 on my 02. didn't seem to idle as well
  13. MX4peace

    KTM 640 LC4 super motard

    I love mine. gotta change the main bearing sometime (01)
  14. MX4peace

    valve adj. 03 klx300

    Mine never needed adusting