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  1. Is Utopia Eyewear still alive and healthy? I called their customer care number a few days ago, and got voicemail during normal hours. Have sent them a couple e-mails and no return... Disregard- called again, and spoke to Aldo this morning
  2. Received my Acerbis skid plate today, and am thoroughly pleased. Fit right on the bike. As stated above, there is a tiny bit of conflict between the brake pedal and the plate, but it is certainly tolerable (the rivet on the pedal only slightly rubs the plate). Highly recommended!!!!
  3. Thank you... Sounds like an easy fix with a dremel.
  4. Bringing this post back from the dead... Did you swap over the older plate to the RIMS fasteners?
  5. Has anyone used the Acerbis Off-Road skid plate on a 2008 CRF450R? Acerbis fitment lists ok for a 2008 CRF450X, but not for the "R". I would think that the available mounting points are identical on the two bikes, but am wondering about the "R" exclusion from Acerbis list. Have used the search function, but still can't achieve certainty that it will fit on the "R". Spoke to Adam at Acerbis yesterday, and he said that one of his co-workers had the plate on a R, but had to do some minor fitment mods. Am wanting to order an Acerbis plate today, so if anyone has input on this, please let me know...
  6. macs69

    YZ426 idle issue

    Thank you! Didn't want to do any wild twisting and mess the carb settings all up.
  7. macs69

    YZ426 idle issue

    My 2002 426 is having a difficult time idling lately. Have to keep blipping the throttle to keep it running. Any ideas on where to start to correct this? Bike has very low hours. Am going to put a new plug in it, and clean the air filter(only one 2 1/2 hour ride since last cleaned). Is the black plastic turn knob the way to adjust the idle (looked in my Clymer manual, but it's pretty worthless)?
  8. macs69

    YZ426 in tight woods

    You're right, I do have a ton more seat time in the 250 as opposed to the 426. There was just such a graphic difference in weight, and the way the bikes carried the weight, illustrated by hopping off one, and them immediately on the other.
  9. macs69

    yz426 vs yz 250......

    Got the answer for you, loud and clear, in my opinion. Got my butt whipped by my 2002 426 yesterday in the tight woods. Hopped back on my old YZ250 (guy I sold it to rode with us), and I would have traded back for the two stroke in a second, plus kicked in cash. Clearly superior bike in the tight woods.
  10. Had one of my most masochistic rides ever yesterday, and really missed my old YZ250 two stroke. Heat index here was 110 plus, and I'm a little out of shape, so those factors did contribute. Anyway, the terrain was brutally tight single track, and I felt like a fish out of water on the 426. The fact that the bike carries it's weight a little high, coupled with the "hitty" powerband just wore me out. Bottom of my right foot hurts like heck this morning from all the kicking to re-start. Bottom line is this- I know that the 250 two stroke is a much better tool for this type of riding. Swapped back onto my old 250 for a few minutes, and the thirty-something pounds less bike, as well as carrying the weight lower, was very apparent. Was a joy to ride. Does anyone have great success with the 426 in really tight woods, or am I just that out of shape and rusty?
  11. macs69

    2002 YZ250 stolen Westminster, Maryland

    Bike was recovered.
  12. Reward offered for recovery of bike. This is really a sad story. Sold my 2002 YZ250 to a 14 year old named Justin that scrimped and saved every penny to get it. Sold his XR200 as well. Had it for 2 weeks, and it was stolen from his house on Bird View Road in Westminster, Maryland. Bike is in great shape. Blue plastics with GYTR graphics. ProCircuit pipe, Renthal TwinWall bars. I remember what it was like to be a teenager, and save every bit of money for something you want more than anything, and it's not fair that his dream was stolen within a couple weeks. Please respond on this forum if you have any information, or call his dad, Mike, who is a police detective- cell phone is 443-250-6581. Thanks in advance!
  13. Mine's a 1999 Ford F250 diesel. Has 232k miles on the stock motor, transmission, rears, everything. Only parts replaced have been brakes, tires, and a cam sensor. Nearly 20 miles per gallon, and makes a ton of power with the 4 position flip chip from DP Tuner. Can't beat it.
  14. macs69

    07 YZ 450F vs 07 KTM 300XC for OFFROAD

    Interesting post... I have a 2006 YZ450, a 2002 YZ426, and a 2002 YZ250 2 stroke. With that said, I really thought the KTM 300-XCW would be quite the perfect tool in the tight eastern woods (though I haven't ridden one..yet). I really feel that in the tight stuff I can go faster on the YZ250 2 stroke than the 426 or 450, and that 300 should have a little more bottom end oriented powerband than the YZ250, along with a more woods oriented suspension....
  15. macs69

    New (to me) YZ426

    After my first one, I thought there was no worse bike out there. Past, present, or future, but this one is actually fun. Kicked it one time this morning, and it fired right up. Still has the stock cam, and uses the compression release. Did the blue wire mod to it this morning, and it fired first kick, with tennis shoes on. Was used to my old one that I kicked so much it split my boot soles open.