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    Got Jeeps?

    Well is not a thumper http://www.bangedupoffroad.com/gallery/albums/album09/aaa.jpg but the Jeep is fun, here are some of my more exciting moments http://www.bangedupoffroad.com/gallery/albums/K-Rocks-Texas-Crawl-III/agh.jpg http://www.bangedupoffroad.com/gallery/albums/K-Rocks-Texas-Crawl-III/aie.jpg http://www.bangedupoffroad.com/gallery/albums/K-Rocks-Texas-Crawl-III/aem.jpg http://www.bangedupoffroad.com/gallery/albums/denrun-4-3-05/aaw.jpg http://www.bangedupoffroad.com/gallery/albums/trees-6-04/aec.jpg
  2. sup everyone here is the video from this weekend... mostly of ZAK (only cause he paid me to make him look cool ) http://media.putfile.com/Cross-Creek-Cycle-Park-10-28-05 I am working on a larger version with better quality but keep a decent file size, but I'm kinda new at this so give me a little bit longer