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  1. I haven't tried either. I honestly have never had a pipe on any bike i have had. Never felt the need for one on the 05. I have just heard nothing but good about the dr. d pipe so that's what i plan on going with. What else is everyone doing to these 09's. Mostly just playing around with the sprokets and stuff?
  2. picked one up about a month and a half ago. Sold the 05 yz450. All i can say is wow. Completly different beast. Power is so smooth compared to the 05 and it handles so much better. Definatly going to do a dr. d pipe and a few other extras before the rain comes. Awesome bike though.
  3. haha 32 years, i have been riding not even an 1/8th of that and don't look as much like a goon as you do. oh yeah behind the vons on hageman, there is never any cops there. but you know what as long as you dont hit another person whatever
  4. wow i hope for your sake that i never see you around my neighborhood, you are the definition of idiot and btw i have always wondered what kind of person buys a honda element or what ever it is
  5. why can't i download it it just tries to save it as a file? i cliked save but it still wont work for me
  6. me and a few buddies went to vegas for the race and all i have to say is badass. we were front row by the first triple of the triple, triple, quad. i wish reed would have got it though
  7. thanks for all the compliments guys. there are a few small tracks that people built out there that are fun to get a little race goin on. ill try to get a vid this weekend but its getting so dry and hot i think we are not going to be going out there as much
  8. its off porterville highway. 1?? can't remember the #. lol
  9. yeah its a pretty fun spot but it gets old after awhile. they closed down a big area i used to ride when i was younger. i have only been back on since oct. after 3 years of no bike. can't believe i ever went without it
  10. um not sure, i have never seen anyone out there but riders and the guys who put sheep out there in the spring to eat the grass. dont think it would really matter in this area its pretty small
  11. first pics i have posted my buddy josh one of the bikes
  12. thanks for the tips. yeah it is that track by the sewer, it was prepped well it just seemed like i would wheelie or kick it to far out on the turns. im going again this sat. and ill play with the suspension a little and practice a lot
  13. i think there is one powered by a crf450f motor. i believe i saw it on a street bike video. it was very fast lol
  14. lol sorry guess i was just anxious to get that first post in
  15. hi everybody this is my first post and just want to say so far as i have read the posts this is a great forum. well i just got my new 05 yz450f about 2 weeks ago after not riding for 3 years (old bike was a 2000 xr600) have about 15-20 hours on it and i went to a track in tulare, ca (for those of you who have been there) for the first time on sunday and had a lot of fun but was a little bit frustrated. i just can't figure out how to go through the corners very fast. i have no problem with the jumps and everything but every corner the bike wants to either wheelie up or slide out etc. i was trying to focus on staying up on the front of the seat leaned in leg out but just couldn't get the hang of it before i was exhausted. is this something that just comes with time and lots of practice? any tips would be great thanks