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  1. I just swapped the head from a Mojave onto my KLR 250. I have solved as many of the problems as I was able to. It runs but doesn't sound healthy. I have a problem with the valve gapping/timing chain tensioner...I think. It's driving my crazy and I need help with it. I'll pay good, name your price. I'll probably die of sadness if I dont' get this bike running soon. Please help me out. I'm in Connecticut. Thanks, Mark
  2. Hey Folks - I have a KLR 250 that I just put a new head on, including cams. I have rooted out several bugs and think it's almost ready to run. The only remaining problem I have is that the compression is WAY too high. It's very difficult to kick and pop starting will only drag the back wheel. I have re-adjusted the valves 3 times and I'm 95% certain that they are within 5-10 percent of where they need to be. Is it the KACR? There is a little nubbin on the KACR that is supposed to run on the right side of the exhaust rocker arm. It does nothing at hand crank speeds. When you kick it, it's too fast to tell if it's doing anything. I really don't know how to evaluate if the thingy is working right or not. Any ideas? Bikepo
  3. The Midtown Thing... I bought a brand new 2005 KLR 250 there, bought the warranty from them, and bought a SHOEI ($400) helmet from them. I got my 800 mile tune up there. I bought Kawa-chem ripoff oil from them, filters, etc. One day, we'll say it was a tuesday, I needed something fixed on the bike. I don't have a truck or anything so I had a friend go out of his way to follow me there and drive me back. So, I showed up and said that I wanted to drop off my bike...let's just do a dialogue... me - Hey, I have a bike that needs work. her - Do you have an appointment? me - Nope, but I don't need it done right away. If I have to wait a week than that's ok. (really, I was that nice and a$$ kissey, for real) her - Well you can't just drop off the bike without an appointment. me (perplexed) - I bought the bike here. her - You still need an appointment. me - Well, I just had a friend follow me here so that I could drop it off. her - Let me get the manager. boss man - You can't just ride the bike in and expect to leave it here. me - I bought the bike from you and would like you to help mo out. If you can't work on it right away, that's cool, I just don't have the ability to drop it off tomorrow or the next day, my ride is here today. boss man - Do you just walk into a doctors office and expect to be helped? me (internal monologue) - I didn't realize this was akin to asking for drive through brain surgery...do they have a storage problem? Why am I the jerk here all of a sudden? boss man (after exaggerated sigh) - Well what do you need us to do. me - nothing, have a nice day. Yeah, so you could read the dialogue and conclude that I made a mountain out of a molehill but... I don't have a lot of money and dropping 5 grand on a bike is no joke for me. I do expect to be treated well at a dealer that I laid down that money at. I don't understand why they were so rude about the leaving the bike there without an appointment thing. Maybe that's a bigger demand than I realize. However, all day I deal with demanding clients and I treat them like gold. That way we earn return business. So, Midtown apparantly doesn't see the value in taking care of their customers and therefore will not see my return business. Maybe if I bought a $10,000 street bike they would have felt differently. Who needs to deal with dudes like that?
  4. I have heard that in CT, Mass, and other places, you need to register your bike to ride on public land (at least the leagal fraction of it). Does a license plate trump this? I have a plate and a Mass ranger told me that with the plate, I don't register. Does anyone know if this is actually true or what Connecticut's stance on this is? Thanks for your help.
  5. I bought a bike at Midtown Kawaskai and was extremely dissapointed with their service. Avoid them at all costs. -Mark
  6. bikepo


    I ride a KLR 250. I have Dunlop "10% street/ 90% dirt" DOT tires. I can cruise at 80 all day with no shimmy or vibration. The KLR has massive counterbalances in the engine which give it such a smooth ride (and sap all the power from it!). I have also ridden a DRZ 400 on the highway, which shakes and vibrates like a monster. So, I'm pretty sure it's more related to the bike than to the knobby tires. As far as balancing goes, I had a shop put on my tires and they refused my request to balance them because it would be "impossible". Whatever, it's probably not the tires.
  7. bikepo

    Chest protecter or not

    I'm here to sollicit opinions on methods and means of not crashing. This morning I blew my back tire at 70 mph at 7:15 AM on the DC Beltway. I was in the second to left-most of the four lanes. Anyone who rides the beltway knows that this was a sketchy situation. If you haven't seen the beltway in rush hour than just imagine the worst. I must've done something right in a past life because I made it over two lanes to the shoulder without wiping out and without getting creamed...lucky me! So this brings me to ask...after I purchase any number of chest protectors and pressure suits and seatbelts...has anyone tried Ride-on motorcycle tire sealant (http://www.ride-on.com/motorcycle.htm) or anything similar. And how often do you change your tires? I had 8k miles on the rear tire and it was def. time for a change. However, I punctured it on a screw...so maybe my careless was not at fault after all. Oh- I ride a KLR 250 80 percent street, but I don't want 80 percent street tires. Any tire opinions? Let me have it. Thanks, Mark