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  1. DoctorZ400S

    Cutting out on top end

    does it happen in every gear? I agree that it sounds like the limiter. But who knows how the guy before you jetted it. Is there any popping while accelerating or decelerating?
  2. DoctorZ400S

    cams, or not-SM version 400

    Yup! I cant say from experience with the DRZ, but I have an FCR39 and a graydon full system on my KFX400 and HOLY CRAP did it make a HUGE difference... And your not going into your new engine
  3. DoctorZ400S

    Need some new plastic...

    hmmm, that sucks. what about one of these? do they come with the covers or are they just the light setup? Thanks again
  4. DoctorZ400S

    Need some new plastic...

    ill send you a pm right now anyone else know?
  5. DoctorZ400S

    Need some new plastic...

    So the other day I was leaving my buddies house when his stupid @ss dog comes running out of the orange trees and slams into my front wheel. I didnt even have time to react... Just went straight to the ground. It scratched my front fender and headlight cover piece pretty good. I found the acerbis replacement front fender in the tt store no problem... but the cover I cant seem to find it. Is there one in the store? I have found that piece as a OEM replacement but its like $64 is that what Im gonna have to settle for? I want to stay with the factory yellow, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. DoctorZ400S

    Which Quad ????

    another reason to get the 06 450r over the 05 is you can get electric start for it. If your wife is going to ride it alot this will probably make her happier
  7. DoctorZ400S

    just got an 06 drz400s, now I need to upgrade...

    well it looks like I am going to start with yosh full system, dynojet kit, K&N filter, and a White Bros skid. Then after a bit Ill do the lights and tank and depending on the wife we'll see after that...
  8. DoctorZ400S

    just got an 06 drz400s, now I need to upgrade...

    Can I still use the stock seat with the Clarke 3.9? and I ALWAYS wear a can, id be nothin without this purdy face
  9. DoctorZ400S

    just got an 06 drz400s, now I need to upgrade...

    I dont plan on doing EVERYTHING right away, but if I have the bike for over a year I want to know what Im looking at... Right now I am going to get: Skid case saver handlebars full exhaust tail light/blinkers bigger tank(will i have to change the seat?) Im not sure on the gearing though... If I go with a 14/47 setup what am I looking at? I love cruising at 85, and being able to push it to 90... I dont want to lose that
  10. DoctorZ400S

    just got an 06 drz400s, now I need to upgrade...

    well Im pretty sure I dont want to go that hardcore, those are pretty sweet bikes. Ya I for got skids and case saver. I will be getting those as well. On the bars, whats the deal with the clams and that piece for the key, If I upgrade bars(bigger) will that piece work? I was wanting a yosh exhaust but under the tt shop yosh there isnt drz400... What are good full systems that tt sells? is this the same engine on the ltz400? if so I will probably only do the intake cam... And what about the cdi? do they have cdi's for the 06s? thanks for all the help, its appreciated!
  11. Im not really sure exactly what I want but I do know that I dont know where to shop... I want to upgrade: Exhaust(full system) Intake(still need airbox for water though) Handlebars Tail light/blinkers(hate the stock bulky one) FCR39 or edlebrock and maybe an athena 434 kit... any info you guys/gals could share would be great.