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  1. hahahaha thanks, I belived mine XR was the only with the problem, I will try to rejet it, i just quited the bafle and the problem begins hehehe, I will try to get another jetting needle Again Thanks
  2. Hello, Im having a trouble with my xr250, if I throtlle fast the engine stops, any idea? Thanks
  3. I quit the air box and today I will open de carburator in order to cleaning it, thanks for the idea
  4. Hi there, I want to ask what maintenance I need to do on my XR250 because in the past weekend I finished in a river almost swimming with my xr250, in short a just change my oil 3 times an now is complete clean, but what I most worried about is that I had to run in the middle of the dust without my air filter, and now I just want to ask what I need to do to prevent that my xr250 will broke. It starts and runs like nothing has passed but the dust can damage it? I need to clean the carburator? Regards and thanks for any help provided .
  5. Just amaizing video !!!
  6. Hi guys, here again with some questions about mechanics I did a ride last saturday on my Xr250 and noticed that the handle bars where kind of hard when I tried to turn left or right, Im not an expert but I checked if the control lines where so adjusted so the turns can not be made but no, there is something else there, any idea? thanks in advance for any help
  7. Here are the best pics I ever take jejeje, I use my XR250 more for rides than racing http://www.4strokes.com/guests/imagedetail.asp?ImgID=1501 http://www.4strokes.com/guests/imagedetail.asp?ImgID=1518 http://www.4strokes.com/guests/imagedetail.asp?ImgID=1539
  8. Any advice, the terrain is a lot of stones and deep mud in some places, and as the thread says, it will be raining , we are on a xr250 bikes.
  9. Hi guys, me again, I was trying to set the valve clearance to my xr250 2004 an I used .004 for intake and .005 for exaust but there is a lot of noice :S Are this the correct values? Thanks in advance.
  10. really gay off road, off road mis calzones!!!
  11. Again, really thanks, this forum is one of the best I ever know, lot of knowledge and lot of disposition to help a 100:thumbsup: for all of you .
  12. Really thanks, I have the honda manual for the xr250 but much of the info is missing, or at least they assume I have previous information of mechanics, that in my case is not true, so more info was needed I really appreciate the help
  13. Hi guys, I was checking the valve clearance on my xr250 2004 and I discovered that to do it I must have the piston in the top dead center, but what the heck is that?? and how can archive that? Sorry if the question is so obvious but Im just starting to understand the mechanics of my motorcycle Thanks everyone.
  14. I sent my email adress by PM
  15. Hi guys, I was just wondering if any of you have eve record the valve clearance of your xr, Im going to do my first try and I want to be 100% secure that i will make a good job, so if anyone have a video of the valve clearance procedure or pics I will appreciate a lot. Regards