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  1. hmlars1

    Washington Desert 100 comment

    Who I am is not important. What I want to say is. The Desert 100 has been around for 41 years. It has been the Stumpjumpers premire event. I have been involved for 35 years. In the beginning the race took place on mostly public land controlled by the BLM. There were a couple of private land owners that we dealt with, and permits from the BLM. We had thousands of acres to put on a race and poker run. In the 70’s we had maybe 350 poker runners, and 900 racers at best. As time passed land became harder and harder to come by. Now we still have around 900 racers, but 3000+ entries in the combined poker run, and a lot less land. The poker run is at the point of overwhelming. The amount of land we have to stage this race is a fraction of those earlier events. To provide a course that is satisfactory for both those who come for the Poker-run event and those who wish to race 100 miles of desert creates a dilemma. How do we please both the entrant and the land owners. This is a difficult task and the Race Chairman takes it very seriously This year the race chairman made a few bold decisions. He took out a lot of the past course to allow it to re-grow. He negotiated with the land owner for additional land to allow this to happen and keep the race a 100 mile event. He also ran the poker run across Irby road for the first time to pick up lost miles on the poker run. If you have ever traveled the path of the poker run after the event you would know what I mean when I say a bold decision. I see the complaints, poker run was too short, long lines for T-shirts, didn’t know where to go for the Kid’s race, the trophy presentation ran late. Etc. I say go to the riders meeting and a lot of these questions would be answered before you had to question -what? You want to know the soul of the club - listen to the radio as the sweep riders respond to the ultra-lite in the air as it calls out rider down at mile mark 27. The check point people communicating with race central. The HAM radio operators passing messages. The para-medics running around on those ATV’s with the big red cross flags. The Helicopter ready to take a seriously injured rider to the nearest hospital with the necessary skills to handle the problem. Our race chairman takes the responsibility of putting on this event very seriously, and he is by all definitions a part time employee. He has a real job. I want to communicate how proud I am of those newer members that have taken the reins, and will attempt to direct our event into the future. Don Larson Chairman, Pete Wisner next years chairman, Mike Decker, Phil Wagner, Debbie Tonsgard. These are a few who will be the future of our race. Debbie has been around for a while, but we can’t live with out her. This event has always been a passion of our family, and it is in good hands. Take it on to the future. We will be behind you.
  2. hmlars1

    D-100 thank you's and stuff

    Once you got your 5 cards you could have gone around as long as your little body could have taken it. If you had been at the riders meeting you would have known that. Mileage is up to you. Like someone has also said, if you want to attend an event with 3000+ entries, a line sometimes occurs. Line up for a free Rolling Stones Concert sometime.
  3. hmlars1

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    I know how much this hurts. I've been there. I can only share the thoughts of many who love this sport and wonder how this can happen. But it does, and we continue to remember those who we love and lose to this sport, and pray that it never happens again. I share the grief with those close to Kevin, his closest friends and love ones. God Speed Keven Vaya Con Dios
  4. hmlars1

    Jonah wins today's stage!

    Paris to Dakar was canceled in 08 the day before the start due to terrorist threats. That's why it is in South America this year. Oh yea, WAY TO GO JONAH! Rob - Do you know if there is any way to e-mail Jonah during the Rally. I would love to let him know how Enid and I are rooting for him.
  5. hmlars1

    Trash left at the 100

    Got home Tuesday evening, after a stint reparing fence, and picking up trash around the campground at the race-site. Thought I'd check out our perceived results at putting on a good event. It seems that as a club the SJMC is still held responsible for everything that goes on in the campgrounds. It's really hard for a group that works so hard for a year, and spends so much time in a short period during the couple of weeks prior to the event to get a course marked, and the logistics for the event put in place, and hear that there are problems with the folks in the camping area. The SJMC is not the police. And while we would like to see everything be perfect, we have to believe that those who come to enjoy the weekend will act responsibly. But, as a few of you have stated this is not always the way it turns out. I can only say that those of you that have witnessed problems could also help to stop them by explaining to those around you what proper behavior is expected. I have been working with this event for more than 30 years. I am more than tired of hearing our loud-speaker spilling the words "SLOW DOWN", "GET A HELMET", STAY OFF THE GRAVEL PILES'. I am sick of telling people to put out their fires. Help us out and tell your neighbors to cool it!!! We are dedicated to putting on a class event - and wish everyone to have a weekend to talk about with excitementr to those who that have not experienced it. Help us- please!