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  1. plking

    replacement exhaust for atk

    The best bet is to keep the stock header and get an FMF Q2 for a yz450f. Quiet and adds HP. Join the ATK group: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/ATKMotorcycles/
  2. plking

    ATK riders?

    1991 ATK 604 street legal here. Be sure to join the ATK yahoo group. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/ATKMotorcycles/
  3. plking

    Good article on Frank White, ATK

    Cool article - thanks for posting. ATK's history keeps getting more interesting by the day....
  4. plking

    2000 605 O-rings

    Most likely. I am not an expert (yet) on the internals of these beasts, but they have a lot of seals and it is not uncommon to see them leaking oil. mine seeps form a few places. Call keith at American Dirt Bike or join the ATK list (see URL below) to ask more ATK'ers
  5. plking


    yes, the 604/605 are the same engines, just different displacement and color.
  6. plking

    atk 560

    Sounds like a very cool bike...would love to own that one! is it dual sported?
  7. plking

    atk 560

    About 1500 on the 604 and I have no idea on the avenger...would assume somewhere in the 3-4k range like a late model 605.
  8. plking

    A-track and countershaft disk brake on older ATK's

    Freddy, i wouldn't stress too hard over any of this....there might be some truth to it, but I have yet to hear *any* ATK owner report these problems. The chain thing doesn't make sense to me and the fried bearings are probably real, but only if you ride the brake pedal. The ATK manual warns you not to drag the brakes, so if you don't do that I doubt you will see any trobles at all. The frame cracking is supposed to be a risk around the the motor mount area welds. just keep an eye on them. i don't think it happened to all of them, just some.
  9. plking

    atk 560

    I checked and you are not in yet. Send it in again. we are protecting from spammers so if you didn't add a good explanation of why you were joinging in the form, I might not have approved you. i'd certainly like to se eyou on the list!
  10. plking

    atk 560

    cool - what's your yahoo name on there??
  11. plking

    A-track and countershaft disk brake on older ATK's

    I just don't see any major benefit worth pursuing/licensing from my standpoint. maybe i am a neanderthal, but i've never noticeably been bugged by chain torque. to me, that was a clever way of letting them have the wild swingarm angle, progressive shock leverage (without a linkage) and high ground clearance. plus, the countershaft disk brake is not the greatest though i suppose you could still have a-trak and move it to the back. i can attest that adb's used bike page has changed -- i was all set to buy a super-cherry 406 off of there and putzed aroudn too long and it sold! there have been some sweet 604s on there too!
  12. plking

    1985 atk 560

    Oh yeah, I would much rather work on a 2 stroke and they are way cheaper for more power. If there were any good 2 stroke dual sports, it would be a no brainer. ligther, more power, cheaper (gas mixing and smoke aside).
  13. plking

    604 (560 c.c.) vs. 605 (598 c.c.) ATK's

    Wanna switch motors with me? If you are putting out that kind of power, you are way above a stock 605 anyway and you might even be bored up to 600cc or higher. You can punch a 604 out to 675cc just like the 605, I believe. How easily doe syour bike wheelie in that state of tune? Can you power wheelie with throttle only and if so, in what gears?
  14. plking

    A-track and countershaft disk brake on older ATK's

    I love the nickel frame too, but someone powdercoated the one on my bike white before i bought it....so bummed! I did hear that the nickel coated ones sometimes had crackign in some welds, so perhaps that is why they have not been copied. probably expensive too. As for the A-trak, I think it had some advantages as part of the whole package on an ATK, but technology caught up and it was probably patented by Horst too. The japanese were infatuated with multi-link suspensions at that time, so the honest simplicity of the single WP shock and atrak was probably not at all what they were lookign for at the time. Does anyone have better info on this?
  15. plking

    older ATK 560/604

    Yeah, my 91 is "light" for an old tech 4-stroke. In looking for my bike, I found one of the chief engineers at ATK and he said that the later frames were not as good and heavier, so maybe that is the difference.