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  1. I put BelRay marine grease on the outer mating edge of the filter and airbox flange to ensure the filter is fully sealed. Also using a stock foam filter with Motorex filter oil and stock cage. No dust, always spotless.
  2. Dr Spade

    New girfriend is to Fat

    I’ve got a 2017 WR450f, always had KTM’s in the past but there is easy weight to save from the WR. 1. Lithium Ion battery 2. Rear fender brace and associated stock light assembly. Here in Australia we get a small led Enduro tail light free. 3. Remove the wiring steel brackets everywhere and use cable ties. 4. If you ride off road only, remove indicators and mirrors. 5. Replace stock bolts with titanium, if you consider this over the top, use stock KTM bolts, at least half the weight of stock Yamaha for equivalent diameter. 6. Replace stock wheel spacers with light weight aluminium ones. 7. Remove all unnecessary guards , e.g. chain guard. 8. Replace OEM header and muffler. That list will give you 5 kilograms or more depending on replacement parts.
  3. Dr Spade

    Post your WR pictures Here !!!!!!!

    2017 WR450F
  4. Dr Spade

    WR Maps Only

    I’m using this, works as explained
  5. Dr Spade

    New 2017 WR450F

    The IMS is only 2.5 gal Part Number 117338-N2 (2016-2018 Yamaha WR450F 2.5 gal fuel tank, clear with screw cap) Yes the low level sensor fits, there’s a purpose hole with nutserts for tightening. IMS instructions attached for your reference re fitting.
  6. Dr Spade

    New 2017 WR450F

    Remove the subframe, push the tank rear first into subframe and then push it all forward into position. I did it myself in about 30 minutes, very easy. You need to cut the seat to the template provided, again not very hard, I used a sharp knife. I've read on here the stock battery doesn't fit with the Acerbis. I used an SSB Lion and chose to relocate the electronics above the battery. If you do this too, make sure you get the lean angle sensor the right way up. I was stumped for a few hours wondering why the bike would turn off with an engine light after a few seconds.
  7. Dr Spade

    New 2017 WR450F

    The thing that got my attention was the weight of the bolts Yamaha use compared to KTM. I’ve swapped a lot of mine out and I reckon I’ve saved at least a kilogram. The other things I’ve removed are the over engineered brackets and the like that are all over the bike, not to mention the stock rear light and metal brace. Stock battery is heavy, the Li is only 400g, and shorter allowing me to move the electronics above the battery under the seat. Stock wheel spacers also have a lot of weight, it’s worth changing them out for alloy too. Saved a bit on the exhaust, doesn’t feel to bad now compared to my last KTM 4 st Enduro.
  8. Dr Spade

    New 2017 WR450F

    New ride, thought I’d share some photos. My first Yamaha, been on KTM’s for the past 20 years. List of mods to date: Aussie Enduro Kit fitted GYTR Radiator Braces Yoshimura RS4 exhaust Lithium Ion Battery IMS 10.5L tank Tusk Bling Kit Tusk Gear Shift Pedal Tusk Brake Pedal Polisport Swingarm Guards Shark Case Saver Relocated electrics under seat Acerbis Front Brake Disk Guard Tusk Rear Brake Disk Guard Scrub Graphics
  9. Dr Spade

    WR450 or WR250?

    If you’re riding an R1 then I’ll assume you’re a decent rider and in my opinion will get bored with the 250 in s relatively short period of time. I’d recommend the 450.
  10. Dr Spade

    2018 WR450F electrics cover

    Ive just taken delivery of a late build 2017 model and it has the 2018 rear fender [emoji848]
  11. Dr Spade

    Any pics of the IMS tank on a 16-18 WR450

    @JMH did you need to make any modifications fitting the tank? Did you have to relocate the electronics? Cheers, Rob
  12. Dr Spade

    2018 WR450F electrics cover

    B&B here in Australia make a cover. https://bboffroad.com.au/electronic-cover-yamaha-yz250fx-wr450f.html
  13. Dr Spade

    2017 WR450F Questions

    Try B&B here in Australia. https://bboffroad.com.au/electronic-cover-yamaha-yz250fx-wr450f.html
  14. Dr Spade

    2017 RMX450Z for the US?

    http://www.suzukimotorcycles.com.au/range/off-road/trail-enduro/rmx450z/features? Been in Australia since 2010, same bike for 2017 just different colours and black rims for 17.
  15. Dr Spade

    berg 450

    KTM in drag.