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  1. jerzyrider

    Hancock Quarry Run-8.6.2011 & 8.7.2011

    Thanks for the advice Dave! I have a 2000 DRZ400E thats plated with a set of maxxis it tires on it. I belong to a club in pa called rausch creek trail riders, and there's lots of rocky uphills and down hills we ride there. I did the mill hall d/s a few years back, it was kind of tough for me then. I've been practicing and riding since then and eventhough I'm not fast, I can make it over and through a few more things than I used to. I found a few talks about hancock on adv rider, got me a bit worried about this d/s though w/difficulty.
  2. jerzyrider

    Hancock Quarry Run-8.6.2011 & 8.7.2011

    Hey Everybody! I was hoping you guys could give me some info about the terrain the ride is on. I am thinking of going but am worried if I can handle the trails. My group of guys that invited are a bunch of fast ones, but thats not me! Any info is greatly appreciated!!!
  3. jerzyrider

    What "bend" bars do you use?

    I have cr hi bends on rox 2" risers and I love them. With the risers on I can pivot them forward more for standing up while riding.
  4. Hi Monika, If you try to start it and you are hearing a buzzing sound I think you might want to check your starter relay. A few years ago my bike wouldnt start (battery was almost dead) so I bought a new one. I put the new one in and it still wouldn't start but made a buzzing sound and I ended up figuring out I needed a new starter relay; put the new relay in and it started right up.
  5. jerzyrider

    DS Kit Power ? Please Help!!!

    Thanks a million for all of your help captb! Your diagrams and all of your answers to my questions are greatly appreciated! Can't wait till the weekend so I could get started on this finally..... This is a great place with great people, thanks again everyone!
  6. jerzyrider

    DS Kit Power ? Please Help!!!

    Wow! Thanks captb! Thats a huge help! The relay in your diagram has 5 connection points, is it alright if I use a SPST relay with just 4 since I will not be using the center one? I just have a few other questions if you don't mind please! What gauge wire should I use for the power from the +battery to the relay and for the ground for the relay? Should I put an in-line fuse in the power wire from the battery to the relay? What amp? For the relay trigger, can I use the positive tail light wire (it turns on when key switch is on) for the trigger? How do I hook that wire to the relay, a t-tap into the positive tail light wire and a spade onto the relay? Or is there a better way than t-tap? And the Baja kit wires that went to the battery (pos and neg); I guess I clip the ring terminal off of the positive wire and put a spade connection on that goes to the relay (power out), but can I leave the negative wire from the kit on the neg post on battery or should I ground to frame? Thanks a million for all of your help:worthy:
  7. jerzyrider

    DS Kit Power ? Please Help!!!

    Volkoff- You are right the Baja kit does not use the factory head/tail light wires. I was thinking I could do the hookup you spoke of (BD kit to fact. tail light for power) but also worried about all that power going through the tail light wiring to power the control switch (like captb said). Captb, I like your idea of a dedicated harness and I looked at the website you put in your post about relays, this is like Greek to me though. Eddie, thanks for replying. Would you guys be able to tell me how I use a relay to power the dual sport kit and have the ignition switch trigger the relay? What kind of relay do I need (spdt or spst? not sure of the difference anyway!) And how the heck do I wire the power to it, the BD kit to it, and trigger it off of the key switch? You guys are great here, please teach me some more so I can do this!
  8. jerzyrider

    DS Kit Power ? Please Help!!!

    Volkoff, Thank you for your info! You are dead on, the BD kit has its own pos and neg wires with ring terminals that go on to the battery (which is why it always has power to the switch right?). I put the whole kit on my bike this past sunday and would like to keep all the harnesses hooked up how they are, but what about the pos and neg wires that go directly to the battery? Now you have me thinking... What if I took the ring terminals off of the power feeds from the BD kit and t-tapped those wires into the stock wires that go onto the battery? Do you think that will work or will that still constantly supply power when BD switch is on and factory key is off? Do I need to tap into a wire around the key switch (headlight like you said)? What if I tapped into my old orange wire that plugged into the original tail light with the BD positive and grounded or kept the negative wire from the BD kit on the battery? Thank you very much for taking the time to help me, sorry if I'm running you around in circles. I've never been to good with this stuff!
  9. jerzyrider

    DS Kit Power ? Please Help!!!

    Thanks for the info guys! Fivewide and volkoff, Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one dealing with this. Volkoff, are you referring to the blue wire up front by the control switch or to do it from the rear harness of the bike? Captb, thank you very much for all of your info, I only wish I was more inclined with this electrical stuff. I'm going to be reading your post over for a while, thx for the website! I wrote baja designs and Diego wrote me back saying I hooked everything up correct, unfortunately thats how this new control switch/kit hooks up and there is no way to fix it (at least from them). He told me the older kits for our 400's hooked up into the factory harness for power (which cuts the power off) but the news ones are different. Something about the factory key switch having four wires and the new baja control switch having only two, so you can't hook them up to work this way. I'm going to take the info you guys graciously gave me and slowly try to figure it out, but I'm not too good with wiring things so I'm kinda scared I'll totally mess the new kit up if I touch it. Please keep the answers coming and thank you for the replies!
  10. jerzyrider

    DS Kit Power ? Please Help!!!

    Hey Everybody, Just finished putting a baja designs ds kit on my 2000 drz400e. I like it except for the fact that even with the factory key switch off I can turn the baja control switch up and the lights come on. I'm worried I'll forget to turn it off and have a dead battery. Did I do something wrong in the install or is this how its supposed to be? My friend put a baja ds kit on his z400e and his control switch does not get power if the factory key switch is turned off. That's what I want! His bike has their older version control switch (he put his on 8-10yrs ago) and mine has the new version switch. Please tell me how I can fix this!!!
  11. Hey Everyone! I need you're help! Did a search on here already and couldn't find an answer. For christmas I got a BD dual sport kit for my 2000 drz400e. I've been reading the instructions and have a question about the control switch wiring... It says to remove the plug adapter from the old kill switch and to hook it to the wire extensions that come in the kit (black wire and yellow wire). This then plugs back in to the original kill switch connection on the bike. The other ends go to the control switch to be connected, this is where my question is. There's a blue/white wire and a black/white wire that have two connectors on each wire (one male and one female each). The female ends from the killswitch wire extension in the ds kit are supposed to connect to one male on each wire, but what the heck goes to the female ports on these wires??? It talks in the instructions about just one hook up on each from the killswitch, so what do I plug in to the female part on the blue/white black/white wires coming from the new control switch? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  12. jerzyrider

    Skid Plate Recommendation

    Hey there ridg219. I have a skid plate on my 2000 drz-E from baja designs and I love it. It's very well made, looks a bit like the one from the tt store. It has allen bolts for the existing holes and one clamp on the front/right side that goes around the frame. I have biffed many more times than I'd like, but is has saved me! It's pretty dang thick too! Good Luck!
  13. jerzyrider

    Romaniacs Hard Enduro 2008

    Thanks for those enduro vids! Hands down some of the best my eyes have ever seen!
  14. I live in central new jersey cardiff2. Right around somerville. I've been down towards your area but not too familiar with it. Hoping to do some enduro riding down south jersey soon:thumbsup:
  15. Hey there cardiff2, I have had 2 sets of kenda k550 loadstar tires on my trailer and am so far happy with them. I have a 6x12 utility trailer with 14 inch tires though, not 15's. Kenda makes a radial and non-radial 15 inch tire from what I can tell. Check out www.easternmarine.com . If you click on the online store and select trailer tires they have pictures and some text about these. A few of my friends have loadstars and that's all they've ever used. Hope this helps! Steve