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    Well I have a friend who owns a lot of land here in VA and he built an dirt track on his property (used to be a mx racer I believe). Anyway, he, along with some of my other buddies who I go racing with told me to come and try it at least once, as they said it was an excellent way to improve your road racing skills. Well, after about 3 laps I was pretty much hooked. Not only did it help me come to terms with back-end wiggling under hard braking on the road track, but now I like dirt biking on it's own merits, not just a way to decrease my track lap times. I'm not looking to race dirt bikes (although that is what I said about road bikes when I started...), but just goto the tracks around here and have good time with good friends!
  2. quantumfield

    Newbie Introduction

    Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I am completely new to the world of dirt tracking and I came upon this site while looking for dirt tracking forums. I just started dirt biking this spring. I have been 4 times this year already and now I know I definitely want to purchase a small dirtbike (thinking crf150 or TTR125). So far I've been using friends' bikes. Gotta do some more reasearch though before I make a final decision. This site seems to have a lot of great info and look forward to many a workday diversion :smile: