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  1. barton174

    Great deal on a honda XR250R -

    I immagine he meant to start bidding at $600 on a bike with 7230 miles... At least I hope so... Mike
  2. barton174

    DR350 a good bike??

    They made a street legal XR400?? Mike
  3. barton174

    DR350 a good bike??

    OK, you can see that I'm helping my friend with his DR200... and I've got a MAJOR hard-on for a mid-size dual sport bike... It won't happen until probably Feb or March, but it's in the works none the less... I like the 200, but would like something a bit bigger, like the 350, but not as big as the 650... I've got a Blackbird for the street, so this would be strictly putting around town and riding the 5 miles to the river. Are the 90's DR350's good bikes? I haven't seen much in the way of huge complaints or anything, but how are they as far as longevity, off-road capability, reliability, etc? I'm speaking specifically abou the street legal ones too... Also, I immagine they are sprung pretty softly (I only weigh 185 though), but can one just replace the springs front and rear and have something that's pretty good off road, or would one need to completely replace the rear shock?? Forks?? I realize it isn't any motoX bike or anything... I'm just looking for a woods/trails bike to get muddy with! Opinions? Thanks, Mike
  4. barton174

    '96 DR200 cheap hopup??

    Yes, I used the search, but didn't find exactly what I was looking for... I am working on a friend's '96 DR200 (street legal version) and figured we'd do the stuff that can be done very cheaply to make it run better (read: more power)... Don't want to touch the exhaust unless it's just as simple as punching a baffle or something... I have looked around some and can't find any kind of "how to" on anything on this bike... any resources? I'm thinking de-restricting the intake, richen idle mixture, shim factory needle, and going larger on the main jet... Any clues on how to de-restrict the airbox? this thing gets off-roaded pretty frequently, so we'd like to keep the intake as dry as possible while opening it up... Any help on jetting after opening up JUST the intake? Any other easy stuff?? Thanks, Mike