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    rumors/myths/facts of the 2007 rmz250

    Hey Sapp We've got an '07 with over 120 hrs on it now and it to just keeps going! Have yet to shim valves (they're still in spec). Done the top end twice. Like you said, she just keeps a rippin'! Good to hear I've got another 50 hrs on her!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 407

    08 rmz 250 gas mileage

    Is that city or highway mileage?
  3. 407

    07 Rmz-250

    We've got close to 120 hrs on our '07. Have done the top end twice, and have never shimmed the valves. They have always been within spec and it just keeps running.
  4. 407

    07-08 clutch question

    OK Thanks I should have my parts this afternoon. I wasn't sure, but thought it would be thicker than the other steels.
  5. 407

    07-08 clutch question

    I have replaced the 07 clutch with 08 parts. While inspection and checking fibers I think i have the steels out of order. Is the "special" steel plate ( 21452-10H00) thicker, or thinner than the rest? Does anyone have the specs for the steels so I can get it back into the right spot. I believe it is the first steel to go on. Thanks!
  6. 407

    Podium 1

    It is located in Charlestown, IN which is close to the Louisville/Clarksville area. The track is built inside (and outside) of an old stock car track. It's been a couple of years since we were there and management has changed. They are ran by a super group of guys who put lot of effort into the track. There is a Pro Shop on site, indoor concessions, restrooms, etc... Overall, you'll be impressed!
  7. 407

    ride report on my 07 with spring detent upgrade

    What exactly is the '08 clutch set up?
  8. 407

    Any news on Corman's arm?

    Heard Kyle had messed his arm up pretty good at Oak Hill. Anyone heard how surgery went?
  9. 407

    No "B" to "A"? AMA Sucks

    I agree. It's awesome that Stum stayed in the class and is doing as well as he is. As far as Tarver goes, he is definitely has the speed to run with the A class, but if they're legal and it looks like they are run B. I can't believe there would be a mistake , but then again look at this mess we are discussing now. I also agree with your C class comments from Du Quoin. The one kid from Alabama, won Lites C stock, 2stroke schoolboy, 4th Lites C Mod and 5th in Schoolboy 2 all on a YZ125. His buddies were laying it to the Motocross C class as well!
  10. 407

    No "B" to "A"? AMA Sucks

    I noticed at the Paradise MX qualifier that Stum has stayed in A and did quite well. The Feagens kid was back sandbagging in B class. I don't understand having the kahaunis to move yourself to A, then backing out when the AMA leaves the door open. One more question also. The Tarver kid... You search AMA results Center and he only has 5 AMA points paying races (112 points), but he is also shown with 9 A advancement points. Does that mean he has raced an A event somewhere, and if so whatever happened to once you're A, you're an A rider?
  11. 407

    07 to get JE piston

    Thanks to both of you!
  12. 407

    07 to get JE piston

    Just curious and not trying to be a smart a$$, but if you need a tutorial on replacing pistons, why do you feel you need a high compression piston?
  13. 407

    Why would you buy an RMZ over a CRF??

    We have an 07 RMZ over 60 hrs now and the valves are still within spec. My buddy just bought his son an 08 CRF and they shimmed valves at 10 hrs and are getting ready to replace them 18 hrs. Thats why I'm sticking with yellow.
  14. 407

    Top end questions

    Piston, rings, wrist pin, clips, base and head gaskets.
  15. 407

    Top end questions

    I just did ours for the first time last week. Follow the manual, you won't have any problems. Have a damn good torque wrench on hand. Once you get the cams exposed and lined up, mark the the chain (pins) to the cams with a paint pin. I marked the cam chain tensioner (top) as well. Be sure to have a clean rag under the piston when installing the clip on the wrist pin, it's a pain and it saved me more than once! Good luck!