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  1. goodriddance

    4 stroke dead starts

    I use 2nd gear, get the bike warm, this is very important when it comes time for you to put your bike in gear, pull in the clutch put the bike in gear, with the clutch still pulled in rock the bike forward and backward, you will feel the clutches disengage totally, NOW you can not let go of the clutch again, if you do you will have to do the process all over again. try it a couple times when the lines in front of you are taking off.
  2. goodriddance

    Rider Club Western PA

    you won't have to, I usually do it my own
  3. goodriddance

    Do Alpinestars boots run standard size?

    check ebay for tech8's, sure you can find a nice pair for $200 or less
  4. goodriddance

    Rider Club Western PA

    this ride is going to be as big as the 250c class at a GNCC
  5. goodriddance

    Do Alpinestars boots run standard size?

    I've had a pair SMXplus a pair of Tech6's 2pair of Tech8's and now a pair of Tech10's and they all fit the same as my shoe size, I even tried a half size smaller and they was too tight.
  6. goodriddance

    Smooth or AT sole boots?

    you'll like the tech8's I have tech 10's now and in the real muddy and wet stuff they do get slick and if you stall your bike and have to kick good luck. the 8's are a little heavier but nothing that will bother you
  7. just let me know when you want it, should be $60 with my discount unless I can get them on special again
  8. M12 gets my vote I've been running pirelli's this year, I like the rears but the front is horrible, what I like about the M12 is you can pretty much run it all year long with no worries
  9. goodriddance

    Significance of an 18" rear wheel?

    all of my bikes up to this one had a 18" wheel on it, I left the 19" on my new one (times are tuff) and I notice nothing different all except for the price of tires is more for the 19's then the 18's, on a side note if anyone is selling a 18" rear for a 08 YZ450F I'd be interested, I'm going to need to mount the Trellaborgs this winter:thumbsup:
  10. goodriddance

    Leaping across gaps?

    I just seat bounce stuff like that works great and you'll be surprised what you can clear, Kevin Windham is the master of the seat bounce so if you can dig up some vid's of K Dub you can get a good idea
  11. goodriddance

    Snowshoe, My first GNCC

    if your not used to riding on wet slimy rocks, be careful, the morning race GNCC's are no different then any other hare scramble maybe some faster guys and bigger classes. Good luck man and don't put too much pressure on your self
  12. goodriddance

    Offroad grips

    I run the ODI's also and love em, plus it's great when you need to change them
  13. goodriddance

    raced my first hairscramble! PA

    depending how hard your going to be on the old twister it should be close, might be worth stopping in for a splash around the 2hr mark.
  14. goodriddance

    my first Scrambles race tomorrow

    I think you'll find the 1st lap like a MX pace, then just smooth out and be consistent after that, the less time you spend picking your bike up obviously is less energy spent the 1st lap is always the hardest for me, cause your trying to run with the pack so they don't get away but the course is new to you. Good Luck you'll enjoy it for sure, I just did my 1st one in almost 4yrs last weekend and couldn't be happier to be back into it.
  15. goodriddance


    we actually spend a day during the week just hitting logs mostly, we also built a trail with nothing but stacked logs on it, from singles to some really high stuff, it's just like anything else if you don't go out and practice it you'll never get better at it.