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  1. zooker_441

    RMZ450 pictures

    Here she is boys!!!!!! http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=12/35203580857.jpg&s=x11
  2. zooker_441


    What he said, definately. Get the Tag Metals 50T or at least a comparable quality piece.
  3. zooker_441

    Over-rev? Explain Please

    Thanks guys. I fully understand now. I have the Yoshi TRC Comp system which I think is probably an adequate pipe; although I have been seriously considering trying PC's full TI system for fun. So what piston kit seems to be the one to go to? I know there are more than one or two kits available, so which seems work the best for the $$. Also, while I'm in there, is there anything else that should be addressed, like upgraded valve springs, valves, etc..etc?
  4. zooker_441

    Over-rev? Explain Please

    OK, with all the battles in the "contemplating engine mods" thread fresh in mind, I'll relent a little. This is all in regards to a 2005 RM-Z 450. I want to go the 13:1 piston route for more grunt down low, mainly for starts. I have heard that the good thing is that you don't necessarily need to re-jet or really do anything complicated for this mod (pipe upgrade taken for granted). I don't want to lose anything that I've had prior to this piston mod and the rev limitations in effect now, but what the hell is over-rev in simple terms. I guess my question is not only what over-rev is, but what does it do for me and how can a have both the low end benefit of the 13:1 piston and the same performace up top, without head work?
  5. zooker_441

    contenplating engine mods

    The guys in the Kawi forum got it figured out.
  6. zooker_441

    Another shootout win, 60hp KX450F??

    So, I'm over here on the visiting from the RMZ 450 forum. After reading the first page of posts, I'm happy that there are others that recognize the importance of some of the things I recently posted in the "contemplating engine mods" thread in the RMZ 450 forum. 60hp? Not for 99.9% of mx/sx riders out there. No way. I saw someone in this forum saying something like: Well, I'd buy a KX450F if the engine mods were available to make it 60hp. Give me a break! If you have the time, read some of the stuff in that thread (contemplating engine mods-RMZ450). You guys are right on! Oh yeah, I'm on the green side checking out info on the KX450F. That thing is a little long and tall, but man, it is impressive and obviously well received already. Makes me test my brand loyalty a little.
  7. zooker_441

    Alittle somthing from the KX450 forum

    Guys, guys, guys.....hold 'er up a minute. Let's look at the definition of wining in pro level MX/SX. One heat race and one main does not the "man" make "Bubba." What is wrong with you all? How many times have people bet against the GOAT and lived to regred it? Damn it all!!!!!!!!!............History forgotten is history repeated. Every year or two someone has come along trying to beat RC and he always adapts and overcomes to be victorious. Which brings me back to my original statement. "Winning" means titles. A title requires a series of point accumulation. It takes a lot of race wins to get that #1 plate. RC knows exactly what he is doing and if you thought he was racing at HIS 100% in Toronto, you don't know RC very well. James will have at least one DNF this year in SX and that's all it takes. Consistency is not his forte, to say the least. Get excited for great racing action, but let's hold up on the trash talk until Vegas.
  8. zooker_441

    contenplating engine mods

    Simmer down crf176, I didn't was not saying anything against IAVETRACER. Hell, based on what you just said he has my vote for the President of the United States. You totally made my point though and I don't think that you realize we're saying the same thing. If the responses in this forum were only for the benefit of IAVETRACER, all his responses would be PM'd to him. Based on that fact, reality has to have a place here on public display. Here is a reality and the point you made for me: IAVETRACER is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. He is the kind of guy, based on what you said that could ride 55 HP or so bike to it's fullest potential. The majority of riders are not like him or apparently you. If you hold yourself to that type of a physical and mental standard and you have the SX/MX skills to go with it all, then make your bike as powerful as you want. None of what I said about fitness or skill was directed at any person in particluar. Props out to IAVETRACER for livin right and gettin it done on the track.
  9. zooker_441

    contenplating engine mods

    So, I'm curious....RC876, how many RM-Z450's are your guys running? I ride MX and I use second gear. About a third of the track I ride is SX and even in the other 2/3's there are tight rutted corners. If your on a long, big, wide track that is totally MX, with no ruts and your an "A" rider haulin' ass though corners, I could see never using first and second. Even an "A" rider will find second gear in a rutted MX track. Aren't they all after a few motos? For 90% of the people that ride though, that's not the case. What, maybe 10% of the people that ride, ride and race MX/SX. Out of that 10%, 1% or less are "A", class. Is your advice specific to those who race? Specific to "A" riders? Is this advice suitable for those that are novice-intermediate like that majority of the riders I know? Just curious.
  10. zooker_441

    What Kind Of Fuel For My Rmz 450

    Didn't VP say that C12 was not recomended for 4 strokes? Or was that just a ploy to get guys to pay $11 a gallon for U4. 92 pump works fine. U4 packs a ton of oxygen in it. You have to adjust your mixture to compensate. It needs to go way richer.
  11. zooker_441

    Subtank Systems?

    I had Too Tech's air tank system with the metered valve things on a YZ250 that I had rebuilt, resprung, revalved, etc. I was lower "C" level rider at the time and it really worked great for me. The track that I ride has is about 1/3 SX and 2/3 standard MX. I ran this set up for a short time before a threw a wad down that nearly ended it all for me. It had nothing to do with bike set up, it was all rider. Anyhow, I just finally put together a new race bike (RM-Z450) and I had the suspension done by RG3. There is no sub tank or air tank system and it feels as plush as my YZ. Granted, the bike I'm starting with was brand new in '05, and likely better right out of the box. Here is the beauty of the air tank system. You can take your stock suspension, add the tanks and then max out your oil level for bottoming resistance. It's kind of a on-the-cheap way around a respring in a way. So, my answer I think really didn't answer anything did it. I guess the bottom line is that any tuner can take your gear and tune it to your size, ability and track and improve it greatly. It's mainly setting up to weight. FYI: I'm more than absolutley, positively stoked on RG3 right now. They worked some serious mojo on my suspension and I have not had to touch a clicker anywhere. Personally, I highly recommend them for anything Suzuki or Showa related, or anything period I guess. Did that help at all?
  12. zooker_441

    Suspension $$$

    I just got my suspension done by RG3. I came bike on Monday and I just got it on today and I have not ridden the bike yet. It came to $773 total. That was rebuild/revalve, respring the front, replace fork pistons with the new RG3 pistons. Apparently there is some kind of a flaw in the stock piston. That upgrade alone is supposed to make a big difference. They (RG3) are the way to go. The service is great and they know zooks and Showa. There are others out there though too. Good luck!
  13. zooker_441

    contenplating engine mods

    I'm maybe a little cranky due to the fact that I've gone over two weeks without riding. My suspension will be here on Monday. I couldn't call RG3 back soon enough to upgrade the shipping, so it's coming slow. I'm not an "expert" on anything. I'm just a nobody TT Newbie and I'm not calling out Mr. Burned (although my questions still have not been answered). BTW, give me a break. I'm generalizing where I feel it is needed to help illustrate my perspective and how it's consistent to a large degree by those around me and at the track. I'm not generalizing to disrespect anyone. I really don't care what the number, 48, 49, 50, 5,000,000 hp my bike puts out. Unless it translates to faster lap times and moto wins (in it's respective class) it is absolutely, positively pointless and irrelevent and often too expensive. Until someone can tell me I can have someone else build my bike so it wins races and I can just drink beer and be a pig, I'm sticking with what I know works. The power that my '05 RM-Z450 makes is good and it's tailored to the way I ride. It works good for me and I'm sharing what I feel are successful and realistic mods, aimed at 95% of the MX riders out there that also work for a living. Here's another question for you Mr. Burned: How cool would fuel injection be on your MX bike? Does FI really translate to jetting being irrelevent?
  14. zooker_441

    contenplating engine mods

    Not to beat a dead horse, but this particular forum is of a subject that I feel strongly about, and I feel a little under attack. We're talking globally and yet trying to be specific in the same forum. I hate arguing over the internet. It's so stupid, but here I am. It seems to me that there are a lot of people out there trying to go fast or get fast on an MX track. There are a lot of people telling them that they way to do it is to sink 2-3k in the engine for more HP. Spend the time that you would be spent working side jobs and overtime to afford to have your engine experimented with and do more productive things. With 1/3 of that time ride, with the other 1/3 run and lift and with the other 1/3 enjoy a healthier and happier life, all the while going faster on your local MX track. Let me clarify my 90% statement. Pro's yes, the other 99% of us no, probably more around 60%. I'd like to know what TLD's team's bike HP average is. It's probably around 58-60. I don't know how much HP my bike has, but it's plenty for me and just average for local supermoto. So what about the rest of what I said Mr. Burned? Can you identify with any of it or only criticize one not well enough articulated statement. Skin that smoke wagon, son. Grasshopper is ready with great truths for all who want to hear them. All that being said, big HP has it's place, no argument there, but for 95% of the riders out there it's not on trails and it's not on your average MX track. People try to focus too hard on the bike and not themselves. By doing that they are ignoring the obvious. Going fast on an MX track is more mental and physical that anything else. Is that silly too? What we have here is two divergent schools of thought. Camp "A" believes that as long as we are all starting off with a new 250/450 that body and mind is the key to speed. Camp "B" believes that HP is the most important factor. To me it's the difference between Racer X readers (Camp "A") and Motocross Action readers (Camp "B"). I'm not going to generalize any more and save myself the criticism. Here are some specifics; Motocross Action 10/05 "Pro Circuit's RC Replica RM-Z450." They spent $2000 on the engine alone and I quote, "The end result? 53 horsepower. That is close to three more horsepower than stock." That's a chunk a change for engine only mods. There were a lot more made as well to other areas of the bike. Quote number 2, Transworld Motocross, 4/05: "Guest rider Sebastian Tortelli said that his full-factory race bike is not actually that different feeling, as far as power is concerned." According to Sebastian "All you need is a pipe!" There is so much snake oil for sale out there right now that it is just plain shameful. Here is a bad ass rider (Seb) saying that his factory bike feels pretty much the same in the power department as the stocker that he demo'd for the magazine article. What should that tell everyone in this forum about their bike, it's got power, the rest is up to you. It's fun to tweak on your bike. keep it in perspective though or you'll tweak the life and reliability out of your ride. I hope this made you laugh, made you cry and made you say hhhmmmmm!!
  15. zooker_441

    contenplating engine mods

    You right, there are no absolutes in all of this. For your average rider and MX racer, more HP does not necessarily make the bike hard to ride. When I'm writing this I'm doing so from an MX/SX perspective. In my opinion, unless your rich enough, good enough or lucky enough to get your motor so dialed that it brings smooth linear power, you're going to regret it. Unless it is right, the impact more HP has on your average rider/racer is it lessens your endurance. It requires more work from your muscles and obviously greater cardio capacity. I would love to have a 60 HP bike to play around on. Not on an MX track, but sand would be awesome. There is a place for mega, mega HP. My opinion is that if the MX track was the place for 60 HP bikes, you'd see the pros running them (like Carmichael). It seems to me that when you start making significant engine mods you start a chain of events that ends in a thinner wallet and hours in the shop trying to chase around your ideal settings. There is give and take for everything. I'm giving a conservative and what I think is a realistic perspective for 95% of the riders out there. Take it for what it's worth. Not to waffle, but here is the big flip-flop in my percpective.......supermoto. MX riding is 50% rider and 45% bike and 5% luck. Supermoto is 90% bike. 60 HP out of a 450 for supermoto is just about a must, if you want to be up front. This is exactly whay everybody needs three bikes!!!!