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  1. ClownPower

    06 DRZ 400 SM rear sprocket

    Put a 38-tooth Vortex on mine too. Love it. Now it doesn't feel like it's going to grenade at 80mph when I push it all day. Got mine from Escondido Cycle Center online. Quick service.
  2. ClownPower

    Trick dualsport headlight

    Here are some really cool, compact dual-halogen headlights that I found online. You could probably run different wattage bulbs in each on and swich one on and off for high and low beam. Just a thought. http://www.jokermachine.com/itemoffroad2004.asp?ItemID=419&CategoryID=41&Placeholder=0
  3. Ooops! I apologize. I missed the part where you said you dropped down from a 44-tooth already (no wonder, it was in the first sentence ). I read the lower half of the post and thougth you already had an SM with a 41-tooth rear. In your case you'll surely have to cut the chain, and if it's not and SM model you'll have the snail adjusters and you can only go so far with them. Nevermind....
  4. There is plenty of room in the stock SM swingarm to over-tighten the chain. The holdback is the stock adjuster blocks won't move the axle back far enough without backing the adjuster screws away until they fall out. If you buy a set of chain adjuster blocks from this guy: advancedperformanceaccessories.com , you can adjust the axle so far back that you could pluck a High "E" note on the chain like a guitar string. I've also heard that Joker Machine is working on a set of these adjusters as well but they aren't ready for a couple more months. I used the Advanced Performance DRZ-SM adjuster blocks and the stock chain works perfect! The axle still has a lot of travel before it comes anywhere near contacting the rear of the adjustment slot. No need to buy a chain, unless yours is worn or you just want something else. Maybe a fancy gold one to spiff your ride up!
  5. ClownPower

    Corpus Christi Police equipped with the DR-Z

    My Electra Glide gets almost 40mpg, and my Buell does about 50, but the guy was talking about "cruiser" as in CAR I believe. I don't think he meant motorcycle at all.
  6. This is where you can find them. Nice and a good price as well. https://ssl.perfora.net/advancedperformanceaccessories.com/sess/utn;jsessionid=1543eec54294d35/shopdata/index.shopscript
  7. Ah, and I also replaced the stock chain blocks with some cool red anodized ones that I got on the web. They add more adjustment so the adjuster bolts don't have to be screwed out to their extreme.
  8. I'm such an idiot. I meant Vortex. I got it from Escondido Cycle Center. The stock chain is still in use as well as the 15 tooth front sprocket. I'll have to hook up a temporary tach to get some RPM measurements on the highway.
  9. Picked up a lot of top end and the bottom end is still more than enough around town. It doesn't even want me to shift in to 5th until 60mph now. I like it. Great upgrade for the open highway.
  10. ClownPower

    It's so freaking nice

    Oh big deal! It was 84 here today and clear for miles!
  11. ClownPower

    Running 16-38/29 gearing on an SM

    I have a Vortex 38-tooth sprocket coming in tomorrow. Hope it works out. My bike is great up to about 70-75 and anything above that really strains the thing. Bottom end might not be a problem because I have to short-shift before I even hit 10mph or so and get in to second as quick as possible. The 38 tooth might actually make first gear usuable around town.
  12. Wait a minute. I don't get why the guy would be replacing such a fine carb with a "round slide" carb? Didn't anybody else catch that one? Weird.
  13. ClownPower

    Thumper Talk case guards

    Just got mine today. These babies are slick and I can't wait to bust out the RTV and mount them, but I'm heading out to Cincinnati for the weekend so it will have to wait until I get back. I did a test fit and they look soooooo good on the bike. Really gives it a trick look and hopefully provides a decent level of protection. I'd post photos after they're installed, but we've all already seen them by now.
  14. ClownPower

    Metz rumor

    I've been hearing that Mike Metzger has made the jump from Honda to Kawasaki. Anyone else heard this yet?