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    What to service on old DRZ400?

    Thank you but I that already see that information but it was not what I needed. I am looking at two DRZ400. One is a 2003 model and the other is a 2006 model. Condition and mileage is about the same but the 2003 is $1000 less. Is there any maintenance that must be done on a 6 year old bike that is not needed on a 3 year old bike? If so, then the cost difference between the two bikes will narrow.
  2. I am looking to buy a DRZ400S and have found several 2003 models that I like. The 2003 models are about $1000 less than 2006 or newer bikes and I am wondering if it is worth paying the extra. Is there any servicing that needs to be done after a few years to make it worth buying a newer bike (in the same condition)?
  3. http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=5496&forum_id=32
  4. spc

    IMS tank with stock seat

    I am thinking about getting a DR650 but want a larger tank than stock. Will the IMS 4.9 gal tank work with the stock seat? In time I want to get a corbin seat but not right a way. How much room is there on a corbin seat? I want take my wife on a few short rides and I wonder if there is enough room for both of us. I am 5ft 11in,175lbs and my wife is 5ft 0in, 120lbs. We used to ride a KLR650 and had enough room but then I sold it and brought a DL650. However, we miss dual sport rides and are looking for something else. Does anyone double up on a corbin?
  5. spc

    Holidays in Canada

    Hi Tolek. Which part of Poland are you from? My wife and I are going to Poznan at the end of April to visit her parents. British Columbia has a lot of good riding areas. Check out this link. Regards, spc http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/