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  1. I have an '04 S model with low miles (under 3k) with no modifications other than a jet kit. On a street ride on Sunday it suddenly lost power and it sounded like the exhaust noise was coming from the *front* of the bike rather than out of the muffler. It would not restart (turned over but would not light) and had to be towed home. Fuel is getting to the carb and nothing is easily identified as disconnected or broken externally. A passer-by suggested a valve problem. Thoughts? I plan to have it inspected by a trusted local independent shop. Assuming it's something major, would it be worthwhile working with a dealer and/or contacting Suzuki, even though it's out of warranty? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  2. For a bike that hasn't changed much, there can be some great deals used. I just bought an '04 S with under 2k miles in pristine condition AND a supermoto setup (brand name wheels, tires, big front rotor, rear wave rotor, sprocket, fender), including the dirt wheels, for $5k. The previous owner had a bunch of other bikes and was clearly meticulous with break-in and maintenance.
  3. Sorry to revive an old thread....but I haven't found an answer to this question yet. Will the Moose lines listed for the 01-02 DRZ fit the later model year bikes?
  4. Hi, I recently bought a used DRZ-S. The prior owner installed a Dynojet Stage 1 jet kit, but retained the stock main jet. In essence, this means he just installed the new needle and adjusted the fuel screw, no? The bike has a stock exhaust and does not yet have the 3x3 mod. I live at sea level. I'd like to do the 3x3. Will I need to adjust the jetting further? I suspect I'll need to further adjust the fuel screw, and should change the jets while I'm in there?
  5. Sounds like the OTD concept has become popular enough that they're expanding! I used to get instant OTD quotes from the LA outfit, and now they have two locations in Northern Cal.....and spreading east....
  6. in the mid-90s i was stopped with a group of friends south of san felipe at night by a roadblock of men with bandanas, machine guns, pistols in their waistbands and spare clips taped together. one of the guys in our group was mexican-american and his family owned property in baja. we let him do the talking...or "listening" as it were. we kept our mouths shut and stood still while our cars were searched. but we had nothing of real value and were never asked for money or to surrender wallets or valuables. i'm still not sure if it was some kind of local police unit (no uniforms or badges were present) or some criminals expecting to shake down some rivals. had the registration sticker stolen off my license plate in mexicali, too. on the plus side, a beach vendor once returned (hours later) a valuable ring a gal friend had left in the vendor's case by accident while trying on some silver. my friend's ring was easily worth more than the entire case of silver, but the vendor returned it, apologizing for not noticing it before moving down the beach. also had a fisherman repay, from his own pocket, the deposit we'd paid to another guy who never showed up to take us fishing. he told us the no-show was probably drunk and asleep and that he didn't want us to think all local fishermen were unreliable. i suspect he got his money back when the no-show sobered up!
  7. This has to be one of the most gracious posts I've ever seen. The Internet truly does bring people together! I need to move to San Diego so I'm only 90 minutes (rather than 9+ hours) away!
  8. thanks all for the feedback! i hadn't thought of wheel balance so I'll check that as well as take a look at the round items to ensure they're true.
  9. done (read the sticky in the forum topic list) and fixed (changed XRR to XR650R)
  10. Hi, My XR650R has had the front and rear suspension resprung/revalved by Precision Concepts. On smooth, fast-ish roads I notice a regular, periodic vibration. The ride is smooth for a second, then has a jiggle, then smooth, then jiggle, about once every two seconds. The “jiggle” feels like rapid, high frequency, low amplitude bouncing. I can’t imagine this is engine dependent with the bike running at thousands of RPMs. I haven’t been able to tune it out using the clicker adjustments. Any thoughts? Or is this just natural behavior for an unsophisticated long-travel suspension on smooth roads? Or an artifact of the lumpy thumper motor? I come from a multicylinder streetbike background....
  11. Everything I've seen about getting sportbike wheels to work on a dirtbike has involved custom machining, typically by skilled folks with home machine shops. If I were in your shoes I'd sell the sportbike parts lying around then go to motostrano.com. Under "supermoto conversion kits" they have a package specifically for the XR-L.
  12. The only downside to DS use is luggage capacity. If you're commuting or doing day rides, no problem. But if you want to set it up for extended rides or camping, the lack of a strong rear subframe severely limits carrying capacity. The SRC subframe and rear rack seems like a straightforward solution, but riders have experienced repeated failures even with light loads. The rear frame design of the BRP just isn't set up for carrying loads (a result of it's desert-racer pedigree).
  13. Thanks. I'm familiar with the EBC kits, I just wanted to confirm the "DRZ400" kit will work on the SM front wheel.
  14. Hi, I'm sure this has been covered before, but the search function won't accept short words like "S" and "SM" so forgive me....I have an opportunity and may need to act quickly. I found some SM wheels for a good price and want to put them on my S. I know the SM uses a non-standard front rotor. What are my options? A 320mm front rotor w/a caliper relocation bracket? If so, do I order one for a DRZ hub or does the SM use a different one? Thanks! Colin
  15. I cleaned the rotor with some brake cleaner and pulled the pads and gave them a light sanding with fine grit paper. Problem solved.