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  1. very nice JA....i think you guys with the friendly women should not have to worry if there is a bike in the pic......great stuff
  2. wow that is one niiiiice tailpipe....
  3. epik man what are you doing to us? that ain't that must have been a very long birthday and actually i was hoping you had a behind the scenes shot in that bikini it is damn hot well have fun with that wild cowboy.... and would you do me a favor.... POST MORE!!!!!!!!
  4. I have to say that imageshack is very popular among the xxx forums and i think they have quiet a following so i would think it is safe to say that you shouldn't have a problem with your 60-90 day window. i saw that you tested it in the babes forum. in my opinion you should have made an exception to the nudity clause and but some hot babe on a bike (preferably nude of course), because you know that would have given you a lot of clicks. LOL
  5. wow....had some catching up to do....very nice to see all the new pictures.... thanks a bunch and happy posting.... jst. your wife is awesome cleared - wow what a rear end have a great nite all and a good start into a long weekend
  6. nice pictures....pretty cool stuff he pulls off....
  7. thank you.... even though i don't know that much about the bikes in general, i had figured that there are pros and cons to this, and that the most important thing to probably do is preventative maintenance. I mean you should make sure that everything is alright after some tough riding or you don't L O V E your bike
  8. those are some very nice pics! thank you for sharing....
  9. tyvm thats the answer i am looking for......awesome:applause: i thought that the 2 stroke fanatics might just bash thumpers. I also don't know if i maybe just wanna get a 2 stroke and wait a little longer for the SXF since many say that 2 strokes might be extinct soon. either way one thing i am set on and no need for persuasion is that I WILL go orange
  10. i know u love your ktm i have read all your posts......but what about my question about maintenance costs in comparison to a smoker for the average year lets say. i am not looking for some really analytical stuff just some numbers to see if all these people at KTMTalk have been scaring me for no reason about a thumper
  11. indeed pretty damn funny
  12. Hello all, I have been riding on old Suzuki smoker for a while and now want to make the step up to a brand new bike of my own. I have favored the KTM 250 SXF for a while now and joined here to read up on it and everyone seems to love the bike. My friend rides a RM250 with some mods and loves it. I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to engines and all that (there i rely on my friends, but I am learning ). Ok here is my question for you guys. I know I either want a 250 SX or SXF or the 450 SX and i only want ORANGE . I just don't know now what will be better in terms of repair/reliability, etc.....since I have been reading so much about the Thumpers costing more. I don't consider myself a crazy rider and until now have mostly been riding out in the desert just to get used to everything, but want to eventually have fun on the local tracks. For some reason I am drawn to a four stroke but the decision seems so hard I would favor replies by only KTM riders (thats why i posted it in here). oh and i am a little afraid that a 450 might be too much for me at this point and only mention it because I read the power equals that of a 250 smoker.... Thanks for the help....
  13. great pics once again... i have to say since joining this site my morning routine has completely changed. It went from checking the news to checking if there are more new hot and i have to stress that i think it is a shame that you guys are not allowed to show your women in their whole beauty, it seems some of you are willing to......shame shame shame