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  1. dwb0804

    Should i part out or fix??

    Well it ran low on oil, aperently when i was rideing all day the oil was gradualy leeking out, When he saw the oil level thats when he decided to tair it down.
  2. My bike wouldn't crank the other day, so i took it back to my mechanic, after he tour it down he said a seal on the gear shifter was letting oil leek while i was riding, when he drained the oil there was just over 1.5 qts. He said he the rings were out of tolerance but he thought the cylinder was ok. He said he wants to check the Clarence with new rings, and if it is good i can get by with out boring it out or getting a new cylinder head. I am just wandering should i just call it quits and sell it for parts on ebay, or fix it again. I just put a new piston, rings, valves, and rebuilt carbs 250 miles ago. The bike is in pretty good shape but it is 22 years old. 1985 xl600r thx -will
  3. dwb0804

    Bike want start

    forgot to mention it is a 1985 xl600
  4. dwb0804

    Bike want start

    I had ridden about 60 miles and stoped at a resturant for dinner, when i came out and tried to start the bike, i could not get the kick starter to move, i put the bike in gear and pushed it a couple of feet to get the motor to turn over, then i kicked, but had no compression. I had the top end rebuilt 250 miles ago. It had ben running great up until this. another thing i did notice a little tick today while i was riding, but it was not bad, and i wasnt sure if i was just hearing things. Any ideas about what might have gone wrong??? THX -will
  5. dwb0804

    bike cuts off when decelerate

    Yes it is stock carb, i put new jets and float nedle valves in it a friend of mine suggested that i run a hoter plug, does that make sense?
  6. Just got plates on my bike today and took it out for a spin. When ever i let off the throttle (when i am in 5th gear) the bike sounds like it is flooded and cuts off. It will not start by letting off the clutch or kicking it over while i am coasting. However as soon as i come to a stop i can kick it and it will start up. I road it around my farm for about 45 min and never had any problems, it is only when i am in 5th gear slowing down. Does anybody have any ideas?? THX -will it is a 1985 XL600R 5K miles
  7. dwb0804

    rear light voltage?

    I have everything working now, i feel like an idiot as i am an engineer. The batery was dead. and i was getting the low voltage at idel, when i gave it more gas the voltage went up. I am running the 55W bulb and it seems fine. THX for the reply -will
  8. dwb0804

    rear light voltage?

    I was able to get 12V at brake light by conecting battery charger, however i still cant get 12V at the head light. I get 3.3 V at the horn, and it is very audible. One other question the turn signals due not blink they just burn steady? I am thinking this is a relay issue? -will
  9. dwb0804

    rear light voltage?

    I just checked the head light it is getting 5.1V on High -will
  10. dwb0804

    rear light voltage?

    I can not get my brake or running light to burn. There is 3.3 V on the running light wire, and 3.3V on the brake wire when i push the brake. I have 7.1 V on the turn signals when they are on. Does anybody have any idea what my problem could be. I am trying this with the bike running by the way. THX -will
  11. dwb0804

    Drive Chain

    I need a new drive chain for 1985 XL600r, (that I finally got running today), is one just as good as another? What do yall suggest? THX -will
  12. dwb0804

    Baja TT Ride Feb 25-26.

    sorry for straying off topic, THX to all for the PMs -will
  13. dwb0804

    Baja TT Ride Feb 25-26.

    Hi I live in NC and am just now getting back in to dirtbike rideing. Me and one of my freinds are very interested in going on a trip like the one you curently have planned. If we were going to go on a ride in Mexico, would we be better to send our bikes there, or just rent bikes down there (if that can even be done). THX -will
  14. dwb0804

    Xl600 piston size

    it is 100mm
  15. dwb0804

    Xl600 piston size

    What is the stock piston size for the XL 600r 1985 is it 100mm? THX -will