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  1. I just bought a stock 2001 plated X4 with less than 1K miles (brothers brother in law, so I know it aint BS) it also came with a 2009 crf50 all for $3K here in Cali.
  2. Hers my 2001 plated X4, got to take it for a lil putt today.
  3. Yeah 02-04. I believe the fork sliders are from Acerbis.
  4. Yep zip ties! Sorry for the delay in response.
  5. BC, mine are just stock.
  6. Just picked this plated 2001 Xr400r with less than 1000 miles on her! Aquired from my brothers bro in law, who rarly rides and when he did... rode gingerly. Bike is basiclly stock untouched, so I have uncorked, unplugged and rejetted. Also new fluids, filters, chain and front 14t sprocket. Next bars, tires and suspension.
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  10. X2! Great product, easy on, easy off and really tough!
  11. so would 1 qt oil in a 2006 tranny be a must too? I have an 05, but my brother just got a 2006.
  12. I have the ASV levers, I dig em! the only thing I have to compare them to is stock tho. I feel its one of the best mods that I have done to my controls. Cycle Gear also gets the holiday special.