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  1. JesusRides2

    Riding this Sunday in Longview WA

    I'm game...... and thanks Yogi!
  2. JesusRides2

    Ride on the 20th (Longview, WA)

    Jeezzzzz, Jesse! I can't believe you're blowing off your trail maintenance responsibilities to go riding again. Oh, well. Somebody has to take care of the trails around here. Looks like it'll be Dan and I again. We've decided to snake a trail around the new downed big log on the Crow-Tit Rock trail which should give us a little longer run. Have fun and I'll be up for something soon. Night ride maybe? BTW: I finished the key switch and horn setup on the KTM tonight and I will be riding it to work tomorrow.
  3. JesusRides2

    Riding this Sunday in Longview WA

    "Tubo" prefered the KTM. Here are a few pics from the area we rode. They are not from this weekend, but the people were pretty much the same. For Jesse (From Bradley Ride):
  4. JesusRides2

    Riding this Sunday in Longview WA

    The neighbors kid rides a KX85 with a 100 kit and he has to carry about an extra half gallon in order to be safe. They usually carry 2-3 oil bottles or Gatorade bottles filled with premixed fuel.
  5. JesusRides2

    Riding this Sunday in Longview WA

    Well, I got the call I was waiting for: My forks are ready and I'm picking them up at 7:30pm. My plate showed up today, my diaphram and radiator guards should be here tomorrow, so I'll actually get to ride a real bike come Sunday.
  6. JesusRides2

    Riding this Sunday in Longview WA

    I sold the TTR125, Jesse, so you don't have to worry about me running you into the ground with it again! HAHAHAHAHAHA!I may have to ride the '79XR80. If you think I was fast on the TTR, wait till you see me rail on that little old pig. I'm pretty sure both of my boys will be going, and I haven't talked to neighbor Dan yet, but I think he and his kids will be along. Johnnysan along with everyone who has replied could make for a dozen or more riders.
  7. JesusRides2

    Riding this Sunday in Longview WA

    You have to be very proud of your lady! I said it before, but she's the only lady I've ever seen make the entire loop in the winter. We have a 16yo teenage girl that rides it regularly (has been riding since she was like 3 or something), but for a gal to tough it out that has never ridden the area before: That's Impressive! I've seen many guys give up, whine, moan, groan and complain the entire ride. Give her a big 'ol high five for me. I really hope my forks are ready by Sunday!
  8. JesusRides2

    Riding this Sunday in Longview WA

    I'm supposed to have my forks back by then, so I'm thinking I could be up for something. It's the 2nd weekend for modern firearm elk season, so the Beebe/Casey/Cathlamet areas might not be the best choice.
  9. JesusRides2

    Night riding.

    Same thing happens with rain or fog. It's a complete white out a few feet in front of the bike.
  10. JesusRides2

    Night riding.

    I haven't broken mine yet. The Jetlite comes with a breakaway mount that holds the light secure yet allows it to snap free if it hits anything. It can then be easily snapped back into place. I don't know how the Niterider setup works. Trail Tech uses velcro to attach their lights which also breaks away from the helmet easily.One thing I have found with the visor mount of the Jetlite is that the light is dropped out of the way of any overhead braches when even slightly tilting your head down. The Niterider, being mounted on the jawpiece would be even better protected.
  11. JesusRides2

    Night riding.

    Jetlite and Niterider both make top of the line battery powered helmet lights. I currently use the Jetlite Phantom single beam with smart switch and am very impressed with the quality (that light combined with a 55w bulb in my XR was very sufficient for night riding). With the new bike I am looking at wiring in a pigtail to the electrical system and running a Niterider on the jaw portion of the helmet along with the Jetlite battery powered light on the visor. Just seems handy to have a battery powered light that I can leave on my person when getting off the bike.http://www.jetlites.com/ http://www.niterider.com/
  12. JesusRides2

    Night riding.

    I think night riding is the most fun a person can have on a bike. Contact Jesse Wardlow or Tubo and we'll hook up for a night ride at my place in the near future.
  13. JesusRides2

    What goggles do you wear?

    I've found that I can see much better in rainy wet weather wearing good wrap around shooting glasses. My favorite are the clear Team Silencio Wraps. The rest of the year I wear Scott no-fog's with no more than 3 tear off's.
  14. Ask Jesse about that little TTR nipping on his heals all day. Ask him who waited for whom? Just ask.