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  1. Would anyone know the standard thread on the brake line attachments; I have a friend who can make up the Stainless braid hoses; may see if I can get a good deal. If works out, I may put something up on here if can beat pricing. Help appreciated.
  2. Yeah, thats what I thought.
  3. Has anyone installed some type of windshield on their WR? I have seen a few other manufaturers machines, Dual sports, with a shorty. Looks cool, and I wonder if it would keep some of the bugs off my mug, when riding roads at nite. May also extend mileage??
  4. Instead of pulling the grey wire completely, I extended it and put in a little handlebar mounted switch, which connects/disconnects when I want. You can have the WR timing on tight trails, but YZ on the wide open. Only catch is you have to kill the bike to make the change from one mode to another.
  5. Personally, I have had similar requests into JD, and have had similar (positive) experience. I think JD is a great operation to deal with, stand behind their product, and overall have heard of no compaints that weren't later revoked due to the support provided by JD. Keep up the good work!
  6. Where did you get the stator/brand? I installed the YZ stator per Trailtech advice, and converted system over to 100% DC, and had no problems, save for the initial headache of pinning out wires to the proper destination. Also, I had to change out the Voltage regulator; as the stock one is a AC/DC, trailtechs is a DC/DC. Hope this helps??
  7. As far as muffler and stock header, you will gain some, but the header makes huge difference. I used to have Megamax on a quad a few years back, before Q's came out. I could tune it up and down with plates, but usually had them all in, for max performance; so it was at it's "loudest" and highest flow. I would shoot for the Q's if doing trailriding. I have a Carbon GYTR that I would let go for about $300, has the 'open' and 'quiet' endcaps. Still a little loud for me, but is pretty sharp looking. I have not had it dB checked yet. Go for the quietest pipe you can afford, unless you are doing Mx. The extra hassel from neighbors complaining and any DNR tickets for loud pipe will pay off quickly. Especially if you are into wildlife; on trails you will see more if you aren't obnoxiously loud. I had thought about opening up my 05 stock pipe and playing around with some porting for higher flow/small noise increase. Have not seen any postings of muffler mods on this one. It would be the cheapest way to go.
  8. I set mine up with a couple trips to the Yamma shop and an auto parts store. Spent less than $300, including flashers, rear brake switch, horn and wire, even got a trick switch console like on a regular streetbike, for horn, blinker, etc. Just need to do some labor to put together, let me know if you need an electrical print. you can always do the minimum and use hand signals, at least in MI.
  9. What are you riding mostly? I have a GYTR carbon fiber that I may be willing to drop for a resonable price, it is a little loud for me. I have the quiet and open exhaust caps to thow in. Looks great, especially if someone was looking to supermoto, I think fits 05-06 WR. Let me know.
  10. Yeah, mine did that alot too when I got it. Come to find out, you have to turn off the ignition when you are done. (i did know that, just forgot alot). There may be a short/drain somewhere, it doesn't take much to kill a battery (overnight drain), to the point of no start. The ticking is exactly what mine did when battery was < 5 volts.
  11. I pondered this question also, just decided to wait for the GYTR kit; however I did install the JD kit a couple years back and just wanted the GYTR for plugs and such, with whatever "factory fit and finish" you get from it. Maybe Admin could start a "garage sale" area, because I have an extra Throttle stop screw I could toss in, I'm sure someone could use it, trouble is getting it to them for cheaper than they would pay at dealer. Glad to hear they are shipping, I bought mine a month or 2 ago.
  12. thanks guys, I wrote that after sitting in traffic on my way in this am; my 50 mile trip took an hour and 45 minutes, mostly sitting in traffic. Kept imagining myself on the bike, shut off, just walking it for the most part. Crazy....i know.
  13. I have an 05 WR 450, and am tired of idling in traffic burning 6 cylinders worth of gas for stop and go for 1 + hours. Out west/down south (hot climates), do any of you run your bikes to work for commuting, and what type of overheating protection do you run? Is this bike fine idling (no air flow over rads) or is there a fan to mount? Aside from that, any tips on what to keep an eye on for wear if I become a WR commuter (100 + miles a day). Already have DOT tires installed (Dulops), so tread wear isn't a problem, for now. Gas pricing is driving this bus currently, as well as wanting to have a little fun on the ride in. Just a guy from Michigan trying to do his part.
  14. From what I noticed on my 05, i put the lil bomb on it, and it sounds deeper, and at the lower rpms (sound check) it is muffled. Once you get running though, it probably has less effect (higher revs). I bought it because i had one on my old quad, and it got me through sound checks hands down. Once I got on the throttle, the heads turned.
  15. Crazy, For being the most popular model, the 05 (by poll results), my only complaint is the seat...and no aftermarket models are available.