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  1. Sixrdr

    Eastern KY riders, lets band together

    Im in Lexington. Been following the Adv Tourism stuff for a while now, finally got my XRL so Im ready to do some riding and start getting involved. I will keep this thread updated with anything I hear about. Anyone know if its acceptable to post links to other sites about topics in threads here? Or should I just copy and paste the posts from the other forums? Google this for info on a Sept ride in E. KY: Perry County Trail Ride
  2. Yeah, its been a while since this post but just in case...I called DMV myself and they transferred me to Frankfort and the lady I spoke to (who almost seemed annoyed that I didnt know this stuff already) told me that all you have to do is have all of the street legal equipment on it and bring it to DMV and get it inspected by the police, doesnt matter if it has "for offroad use only" on the certificate of sale or whatever its called in KY.
  3. Sixrdr

    Eastern KY riders, lets band together

    This is a good one to revive because its happening in full effect right now. look around the web and see. Lets get together and ride some time, post up in the regional forum. Got a new XR and Im ready to go...just dont know anyone to go with.
  4. Guys, I hijacked another thread with some questions/comments about utility line trails from KY to VA. I have sent the guy on another forum a PM requesting the info. He is going to try and send me the route sometime soon. Keep you all posted on what I find out. ***UPDATE 3/21*** Sorry guys, the guy I PM'd said that they dont exist any longer, lines were rerouted and old trails have been developed or paved. He doesnt have a map of any new routes. Sorry to get anyones hopes up.
  5. Sixrdr

    Looking for some singletrack riding in Kentucky

    Youre right Scot, sorry for hijacking this thread guys!
  6. Sixrdr

    Looking for some singletrack riding in Kentucky

    Here is the link, post #2 is where he says it. I just PM'd him to find out whats up, no one has responded to my post yet and its been a while since he posted that info. I will definitely update this thread with any info I get on it. http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179622
  7. Sixrdr

    Looking for some singletrack riding in Kentucky

    I read on ADVrider about some trails from Louisville to WV along power lines and the guy stated that it was legal due to the state paying for maintenance on the land. Anyone know anything about it and if so, can someone point it out on a map for us?
  8. Thanks guys, I think Ive found one finally. I appreciate the input, Im going to shop around and find something more comfy.
  9. Sixrdr

    Noobee to So Cal with a question

    I know its a bit of a haul from Mission Viejo but there is this doc in San Diego that has done tons of pro athletes, Chargers, Pro Bikers, MXers, Triathletes, etc. He did work on my ankle and my buddies knee, he is pretty awesome. Dr Tal David is his name.
  10. Sixrdr

    First gear clunk

    All 39573472987972345 bikes that Ive had do the same thing, sport bikes are the worst. No biggie, especially if the clutch is adjusted and its not lurching forward when you shift into 1st. Like dude said, it does take a little of the clunk out of them if you pull in the clutch early. P.S.- Ride honda!!!!
  11. Thanks for all of the input guys. Im going with the XR for sure, now I just need to find one dangit!! If anyone knows someone in SoCal with an XRL for 2500-3k, let me know.
  12. Sixrdr

    Things youve learned over the years

    Glad to see someone your age actually thinking back like that, I thought all hope was lost. Just make sure you actually learn from all that stuff. 1) Let the older kid that taught you to ride with the bigger bike find out if he can clear the doubles you just built...if he cant chances are youre not going to be able to. 2) When Dad says homework then bike rides or Ill sell it, dont try him.
  13. Thanks for the input guys. I know the XR is king of the dirt compared to others in its class. Basically I just want to hear from someone that has made changes to their XR to make it comfortable enough for longer rides, I just cant imagine that its THAT bad on the butt compared to the KLR. Ive ridden street for the past 10 years and I know that even between sportbikes there is a "more comfortable" one (usually the Hondas), but that doesnt mean that a CBR is neccessarily comfortable on the butt after 100 miles of super slab. Deputy- I dont mind at all if someone wants to post about the Suzuki, I personally dont like them as a whole so it wont help me, but its a forum so post away guys.
  14. Hi guys, Im new here, did a search, didnt find what I needed, any help would be great. I plan on buying either a KLR or XR soon and I have heard tons about the XR not being comfortable enough for long trips. I plan on using it around here for short commutes and 50-60 mile paved rides to get to the trailheads then putting another 100-200 miles on it on the dirt at least once a week. I want the XR because I ride hondas and since Im going to be offroad a lot I want to be able to do what I cant on the KLR. On the other hand, I know with some mods I can make the KLR decent as far as the suspension goes and be forced to live with much less power to the rear wheel and be comfortable at all times. Ive spent quite a bit of time on the KLR off road and its a slob in deep sand and doesnt like to climb steep hills, but Ive never ridden an XR anywhere. I just want to know if anyone has some sort of comparison to offer as far as the difference in comfort between the two on all day rides, and if anyone has made any changes to their saddle on an XR that helped a great deal. I plan on using whichever I buy to ride the TAT in summer '08, but I plan on using it a lot between then and now too. Thanks for any input.