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  1. KTM640Dakar

    2006 640 Adventure Value

    The bikes are rare. You will pay over $5000 for a newer low milage 640.
  2. KTM640Dakar

    2007 640 Adventure watch outs?

    He's right. My 2002 640 has 15000 miles and runs great.
  3. KTM640Dakar

    Its an Addiction

    Buy it!
  4. KTM640Dakar

    640 ADVenture

    Don't buy a thumper if you don't like vibes. If vibes are a problem then you can always walk. Sorry about my cynical attitude i just get tired of people bichen about thumpers vibrating. It's part of owning one and it is not that big of a deal. Lucas wiring harnesses, now that's a reason to bitch.
  5. I'm glad you fixed it. Most cooling systems will boil over if they can't hold the pressure in the system. A little cut in the rad cap will be all that you need to let the pressure out of the system and cause boil over.
  6. You might also have a bad coolant cap. This would cause coolent to bypass the cap and leak out of the overflow line that is routed to the frame.
  7. KTM640Dakar

    Southern Michigan riding

    Go to St. Helens MI just up I-75. There are Michigan Cycle Conservation Trails all over the place. You can park your rig at the public parking area. You will need ORV stickers that you can buy at the corner stores of St. Helen. Search the net for http://www.cycleconservationclub.org/index.htm
  8. KTM640Dakar

    NOMADS Sunday ride Ortonville,Mi. Oct. 15

    Kevin where are you????? Hey Kevin, I met you this morning at Ken's Coney in Ortonville. I'm Todd and I was riding the KTM 640 Adventure. We ended up eating first then riding so we missed you guys. I will definately be back to catch up with you nomads. They guys I ride with usually talk on Adventure Rider. Here is a link. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=85503&page=45 Let's get our groups together before it snows.
  9. KTM640Dakar

    640 Adventure On Road Behavior

    Buy a scooter.
  10. KTM640Dakar

    Testride LC4 610 640 are they all turds?

    You should ride a scooter. Thumpers vibrate.
  11. I believe that the rubber dampers were used by KTM to lessen noise coming off the sproket/chain. Most OEM sprockets you can buy will be exactly the same as the damped version except they will have no rubber on them. No big deal just a little louder.
  12. KTM640Dakar

    KTM LC4 620 Whats Wrong?

    Carb surgery.
  13. Grind the crack to form a bevel. Make sure it is super clean before TIG welding it. Use 4043 filler rod.
  14. Creeper this doesn't replace the existing thumb screw already on the carb does it? I guess it is the idle screw?