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  1. The_tank

    external tanks for 220 miles?

    Try these- nomad is cheap & practical. www.nomadtanks.com.au www.rvaqualine.com.au Good luck.
  2. The_tank

    my first ktm. need help

    The KTM won't let you down- but expectations are another thing. Coming from Honda Street bikes you may find vibration an issue...but this also varies between individial LC4's (crazy I know). If you do go new, it takes a few 1000km's to settle down. There have been great specials on SM LC4's here in Australia recently, trying to move last year's shipments..but you guys probably have quite a different market over there. Good luck.
  3. Thanks- I have a trail that goes past my house, and I am aware of the noise on a sunday morning! The staintune is a noisy pipe however, and when I put the plug in to silence it, performance really drops (sigh). But I have a buddy making a little cone for the back to allow flow and diminish the B52 effect. Thanks for the feedback on JD's: if they work 3 out of 3 then that's a great endorsement.
  4. Hi everyone, Have a staintune system on an 06 SXC, and am wondering how to clean up the power in the mid-top end range (bottom is lovely grunts-ville; but there is no upper end thrust). I fitted a large 185 main-jet to try and remedy this, but it's only a little. I see that so many mods include the JD kit, and I'm wondering exactly what's in it, and if the sizes they (JD) deliver are suitable for aftermarket exhausts with more flow. Is this kit really the bees-knees? Any feedback'd be great.
  5. The_tank

    Testride LC4 610 640 are they all turds?

    I agree with the comments earlier about carb & piping- I just had a staintune end-can put on yesterday- and 1/3 to half of the vibes have vanished, with more grunt to replace them. I guess it's like a bad Indian Dinner- "let your wind go free, and faster you will be."
  6. Hi Beardo, You may already know about the price slash deal on 640's (SM)- I nearly went with it $10,000AUD for a new 05 Motard. Apparently it is there to move overstocks- the 625SMC is pressing for floor space. I think the KTM Oz website will have the details- at least it did at the beginning of June. You can save $1000's. Having said that, I still paid the $1000's for the SXC. Whichever way you go- open up the whole exhaust and have a grin like this.
  7. The_tank

    Q: 640 LC4 enduro (dual sport)

    Thanks Michael ~ so I can expect even more THUMP with headers & a rejet? Unreal: this grin is gonna split my face! Hope I can find an end-plug for this pipe, the neighbors are restless..
  8. The_tank

    Q: 640 LC4 enduro (dual sport)

    I agree- I bought an 06 625SXC 4 weeks ago, and the stock nobbys are shredded by the road. I am 6'4" and 104kg- loving the tallness of this machine, but they are not made for er heavy boned people. Stock spring can't deliver my weight - even when wound in. Will have to go heavier. Have been disappointed with the derestricted performance - felt lean, poor torque etc...until today. Addition of a staintune can (2nd hand just to trial) and the girl-next-door sewing machine has become a WHORE BEAST. Have never experienced such a performance lift and power delivery change without a tune. Headers & rejet to follow next week. I am in love. More torque than a Chinook Chopper, and sounds the same.