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  1. A friend of mine crashed his Husqvarna 610 and the insurance company has no idea to what to make of the damage. They said to get a repair estimate, but is this something that a dealer would have to do? Unfortunately the closest dealer is 2+ hours away, which makes for a long day, especially if they take one look at it and say "totalled." Any ideas? Perhaps I'll have him call the dealer and see if they can write up a quick estimate based on photographs. Thanks! Dave
  2. DaveySprocket

    Considering some dirt wheel options for my SMR...

    Yeah, there seems to be plenty of conflicting information out there about this swap. Did some 06 SMR bikes come with a different brake setup that allowed for more clearance? I am just not sure why some people report that it works on the 06 and some say it does not. I think I am going to go ahead and build a 21" front and just see how much I have to adjust the offset in order to get the needed clearance. I am ok with a small shift, but obviously I don't want the rim pitched too far to one side. Worst case I just lace the 19" to the front and see how that works. I'll report back with my findings. Dave
  3. I have an '06 510 SMR and I am considering building some inexpensive dirt wheels for it. I am looking at a couple of different possibilities though I have not decided which route would be better. I will be doing some single track/trail rides on this, so it will need to be capable off-road. I have a 19" and 21" set of Excel rims sitting around, so I thought I would use those. Option 1: Lace the 21" front rim and 19" rear rim to the stock hubs. From what I have gathered in searches, a 21" front will work on the 06 though I may have to shift the offset slightly as clearance is tight. The bike does have the radial mount front caliper. Option 2: Lace the 19" rim on the front and lace the stock 3.5" front 17" rim to the rear hub. The 19 will not have clearance issues in the front and the front rim used in the rear will give me a slightly narrower rear (versus the stock 4.25") which will help with rear tire options. I have never ridden off-road with a 19" front wheel, so I don't know how much of a difference it will make versus a 21. Thoughts? I'll probably just order spokes in both 19 and 21, which will give me the parts to go with either setup. I guess if I end up really enjoying this bike off-road I may consider finding a TE owner that wants to swap parts, but I am not ready to give up the SMR parts just yet. Thanks! Dave
  4. DaveySprocket

    '81 YZ250 cylinder torque specs?

    Does anyone happen to have the torque specs for the cylinder base and head for an '81 YZ250 (or similar vintage)? Thanks! Dave
  5. DaveySprocket

    SMR510 front sprocket

    Where are you guy getting your front sprockets for these bikes? Mine is an 06, but I am not finding listings for them with any online reseller. I am looking for a 15t from any manufacturer. Thanks! Dave
  6. DaveySprocket

    Reassembled motor will not start

    There is obviously cam timing, but if you meant ignition timing there is none that I can think of. Have you checked for spark, fuel and compression? Once you know which is missing, we can help you narrow it down.
  7. DaveySprocket

    Dual Pipes/CR250

    I am sure that you will look back on this time of your life and be glad you put your energy towards something useful. Having a CR with dual pipes will be so much better than passing high school.
  8. I purchased a trailer for hauling the bikes, though it's first job involves my cross-country move (CA to NC). My question is if I should title and register it here in CA even though I am leaving in less than a month. I have the title from the previous owner and it has been signed over to me, I am just not sure if that will be sufficient when I get to a state other than CA. Thoughts?
  9. DaveySprocket

    Plating a dirt bike in NC

    Thanks for the info whipit1k. Here is CA it does not work that way, which is why I was wondering.
  10. DaveySprocket

    Some NC (Raleigh) riding questions

    Thanks for the input Mark. For me the big unknown is still whether or not the XR will be an issue to plate. Here in CA it does not matter if a bike was plated in another state. If the off-road bike was not plated in CA before the cut-off date, you do not get a plate. It would really suck to move the bike across the country only to find out that is the case there as well. Perhaps I can find more NC DMV info online. If I do, I'll post what I find. Thanks! Dave
  11. DaveySprocket

    Plating a dirt bike in NC

    Yes, I am curious about how this works as well. I have a plated '94 XR600R here in CA and I am looking to move to NC in a few months, but I am wondering if I will have issues getting a plate for it in NC. If it is going to be a problem, I would be better off selling it before I leave CA. Thanks! Dave
  12. DaveySprocket

    Some NC (Raleigh) riding questions

    I am looking into moving out to the Raleigh area from California and I am curious about what I should know regarding the laws that affect riding. Are there annual vehicle inspections? Inspections for registering out-of-state vehicles? Both my motards are street legal here, but since we do not have inspections they are both fairly modified. Will loud exhausts, aftermarket indicators, etc be an issue? Fortunately I do have most of my stock parts still. How easy is it to plate an otherwise green-sticker bike? It used to be easy here, but they cracked down on that a few years ago. My '94 XR was plated here back in '95 so it is legal here, but will I have an issue getting a plate for it there? I see there are some threads about trail & off-road riding, so I'll check those out. Otherwise, I assume there will be plenty of twisties to ride in the area? The big bummer is that you can not lane split there. That will take some getting used-to Anything else? Any info is GREATLY appreciated Thanks! Dave
  13. DaveySprocket

    SMR stock exhaust modification

    I was bored this rainy Saturday, so I decided to pull the exhaust off my SMR510 to see what I could do with it. I ended up shortening it a bit as well as removing the inner silencing core. It was a fairly simple project and made a nice improvement (IMO) to the look and sound. I'll get a sound clip from it tomorrow. If you don't feel like spending money on a new silencer and/or you need to keep your bike looking legal (state inspections, police checks, etc) this is an easy project. Exhaust mod Let me know what you think! Dave
  14. DaveySprocket

    Dakar by Husky

    +1, I would love to know the details of the Husky riders! A guy I know manages the Team Rally Pan America and chose and prepared the KTM 525 based (at least partly) on an imposed speed limit for the bikes. However, just before the race started the speed limit was removed, which put the smaller displacement bikes at a disadvantage. Jonah Street was in 5th place until day 4 when his motor blew up, Casey McCoy ended up finishing 31st. Though the smaller, lighter bikes do better in some sections, it just does not seem like they can handle the prolonged abuse at the 10/10 pace like the bigger bikes do.
  15. DaveySprocket

    Priming the oil pump?

    FMF stainless header