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  1. OlaGB

    Helmet communicator 4+ people?

    Sena smh10. Slightly over budget though, but it really is great for both coms , handsfree and music while driving together/alone.
  2. OlaGB

    500 EXC springs / suspension

    The 4.8 and 7.6 setup, is acc to the manual, a 187-209lbs spring setup on the 16' 500 6days. I was approx 220 with gear when i bought mine, and with the stock 4.6 and 7.4 spring, it was way too soft. Now i'm approx 195lbs with gear (aiming for loosing 5-10more), and with my 4.8 and 7.6 setup everything about the bike is better. The 4cs is working VERY good, being both plush and not bottoming out on bigger jumps without overcompensating with comp clickers. Big improvement, and im was not complaining over it with stock springs either. I would say that you shouldnt even consider running stock springs, if you weigh over 200-210lbs with gear. Whats the point in buying a new bike, probably one on the best bikes on the market, and not getting even close to how its supposed to perform?
  3. OlaGB

    One mans '16 500 6-days build

    Changed springs yet Oldfuddy? I'm approx 87-90kg with gear, and swapped both front and rear on mine. Did the fronts yesterday. Its a big improvement in both ends, but my forks impressed me the most! Like them alot in the rough, and they are much more resistant from bottoming out on jumps now! 0.48 springs, using maxxima racing 5wt. 76-250 spring rear.
  4. OlaGB

    FMF for an XCF-W?

    Bought it new, 10-15h on it by now i think. Remember the insert is in it from stock. When its in, its like you describe, slighty deeper than stock. Almost no difference loud wize, only slightly.
  5. OlaGB

    FMF for an XCF-W?

    No i didnt take any pics, but its just a cut of the db killer pipe, 10mm above where the spark screen is fastened. Have you heard the 4.1 without any insert? Its waay loud! My modified db insert 4.1 is slightly louder than my buddy's stock 14' YZ450. Without any insert, the YZ almost seems quiet in comparison. With the db insert in, unmodified, its almost as my stock euro exhaust.
  6. OlaGB

    FMF for an XCF-W?

    I didnt notice much with a 4.1 on my 500, if anything at all. Noise-wize, with db killer screen in, its almost as quiet as stock. Pull it out, and it sounded like i didnt have an exhaust system at all. _Very_ loud. So i modified a DB killer by cutting the spark screen off + 10mm of the db killer pipe, and now it sounds just purrrfect
  7. OlaGB

    One mans '16 500 6-days build

    Looks as good as it can, as its bigger Does it have a filtersock like stock tank has?
  8. OlaGB

    One mans '16 500 6-days build

    I grinded off the inner forward corner of the shifter to a 45' angle without even pulling off the lever. Good clearance after that. My bars also touch the speedo in forward position. Didnt do anything to it, but they have contact for sure. Interesting regarding the tps setting in euro map. I went up from 0.61 to 0.63 due to flame outs, but ill try to go back down again with a higher idle and see how she runs again.. I got a fmf 4.1 though, and still stock euro map. Its cold over here though, like freezing cold.
  9. Try a 14-50 gear setup (stock gearing on the 500 in europe). 15-45 must be crazy tall for tight trails. If they are really tight, and alot of technical stuff, i would go for 13-50.
  10. Has the fork been serviced? I like this thread, and im a bit suprised you are able to feel the small changes you are doing. But i do believe you are expecting a bit too much, trying to get the suspension to soak up everything, big to small, slow to fast But please keep on testing and sharing!
  11. OlaGB

    Music while riding .

    Old thread , but ill join In my snowmobile group, we bought Sena smh-10 from revzilla. 800m bluetooth communication between 4 users, while we also can connect mobile phones (with music stream), and uhf radios if we want to. Stereo speakers inside helmet, and a mic. The communication part is priceless! (Allthough the mic placement must be perfect to avoid wind noise transmittet to the other users) I run the same system when riding my bike, but i dont listen to music when 100% focus is needed.
  12. OlaGB

    500 ecx mx'er.

    Did you play with the suspension settings on the track? I normally go 3-4steps stiffer on compression on the track both front and rear, and adjust rebound according to surfaces (stiffer on sand, loser on hard pack).. I bottom out maybe once every 10 lap if i overland jumps, but i never go on top of whoops. Im happy how this works out for me. If i want a more spesific track setup later on, i will buy a pure breed MX bike as an addition, instead of take away the perfect allround consept of the bike.
  13. OlaGB

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    So true. I bet its one of the strickest countries regarding rules for driving offroad, snow or no snow. Huge fine's waiting if you get caught as well (1-3k usd). Alot of norwegians travel to sweden during winter, just for riding snowmobiles legally.
  14. OlaGB

    One mans '16 500 6-days build

    Ive never done mx before i bought this bike, but have 9-10 mx days on it now before winter closed the tracks. It's a bit soft in front, so overjumping will bottom the fork here and there, but at my level its no problem. Ive let other (better riders) test it on the track, and they all say its very easy to ride, and does mx suprisingly well for an enduro bike. Ive changed rear spring to a 76-250 to get correct sag, and will change front springs to 48 as well to see if gets better.