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  1. Try Malcolm Smith in Riverside - they set me up with a new needle & jetting for little dough - I cut the small section off at exhaust tip, plugged the carb, re-routed the vent tubes and did the MS Carb jetting - she started up crisp and has been running great ever since. Erics Motorcycle in Pasadena, CA also has some really good basic mods that will make your scoot run real well for little cash. Good luck!
  2. Try Mike at CycleZone in Topeka, KS I had my 450EXC shipped out to CA in a box and picked it up. Nice and easy Good luck!
  3. Back in 2004 when I was searching for a 450 EXC in SoCal, I was turned on to Cycle Zone in Topeka, KS...They saved me over $1K and shipped it in a crate ( I had to install the handelbars & headlight). Look them up, ask for Mike Kruger, you will not be disappointed. I've been buying all my parts since. You should not have any trouble financing you new scoot. Good luck!