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  1. weimedog

    Chinese Dirt Bikes: The Next Big Thing? (Video)

    I remember when folks saw Suzuki and Ole Petterson as the same way....Yamahoo?? Who were they to challenge the Bultaco's of the world? China? A lot of very smart people looking for a way to break out on the world stage. Laugh now....lets see how we all feel in ten years...:)
  2. Something that was kicked around for probably 15 seconds in the KTM Camp....his coming over to AMA this year as he will be too far back to actually contend for a championship. AND was on a few posts....but pretty quickly went away. First the KTM organization doesn't get much if he does. Tomac is going thought Melt Down, Chances are either Musquin or Webb wins the class..:) Maybe a Roczen or Tomac re-ignited in a worst case for KTM scenario. AND chances are if he came over here for a season he would end up somewhere behind the Baggett level of riding....LOL! Maybe top 5...not what the fastest guy on the planet wants to do. So my theory.... the reason he's NOT going to be here is he knows there is nothing to gain and a lot to loose....in image. And the FIM wanting the GP to be premier, would not like seeing their God of Motocross end up out of the top 5....LOL! BUT if he did.....and he won.... how many in this world have won the premier class on two continents? The two most competitive series on the planet? Might make HIM the GOAT?
  3. weimedog

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    Interesting that he's in the shadow's and no one seems to care. Something is wrong. Either injury or head case. Joey Savatgy is doing well enough to rule bike issues out. And he did win one. But to those expecting a re-run of last year or two...we are still waiting. The look on the faces after the race..I think Webb is getting into their heads collectively a bit. Wonder if Tomac is folding up a bit.
  4. Lousy Crash....what is it about MM where last week Webb Crashes right behind him and this week Blake Wads it right in front... ( Marv BTW being the class act as he is did comment on Blake during the interviews )
  5. weimedog


    And the same logic applys when we have to run sand and mud? A better comparison would be having him come over and run a few Super Cross races like Marvin and Kenny have. BOTH those guys really have done an excellent job of adapting. Wonder if Herlings could. My bet is he couldn't. Bet Roczen Tomac and Marvin would eat him up the first year or two. BUT after 20 years of azz beatings, the last few years going to the Euro's in the MXDN's has to give someone hope somewhere that the series has the best in the world. Just remember the guys on this side have to run TWO of the three toughest championship series in the world, not just one. TWO. Guys like Carmicheal dominated in both. Herlings..just one. Me? Top ten in each series are pretty good at what they do and are impressive. I also like where the FIM is taking the world championship to places in Asia to grow the market. But I've been around long enough not to buy any of these "our series has better riders than yours" type arguments. Each one from time to time has a special talent, Hannah, Everts, Carmichael, Stewart, Carroli, Herlings..who knows where the next one will come from? ( Kind of hoping Marvin can make a championship happen this year, as he's getting a bit older, is a class act; and the class is getting stacked with new kids..like Cooper Webb , I just like how Marv has presented and gone all out to build a career here. A great story if he finally gets one of the three toughest championship's in the world to obtain. )
  6. weimedog


    Careful What You Wish For....that dude who runs "mxlarge" is pretty certain Herlings would come over and just be like the good old days in the 1970's where the Euro's taught us over here how to ride. Think Herlings can do that again?? Be fun to see ... Think Webb beat him once right? https://www.mxlarge.com/news/smets-on-herlings-and-ama-races Webb vs. Herlings a few years back
  7. weimedog

    So...... ET?

    Embrace it. The Euro are better all around Motocross riders right now. Sand, Mud, they will win. A California track we win. But we need "special" conditions to perform and they don't. That's it. Dungey showed that, Eli now a few times, so...congratulations to the French Team & Dutch Team, they earned through performance all the cudo's they will get. Next year? Sand again. Oh Well..
  8. It was, and I doubt the track builders realized the monster they created until the US guys started doing Sky shots. But that's the entire point, no one was forced to take the "leap" into outer space. Our guys figured it out first. So because they were on a different "plane" (Pun intended) does that mean the track was made for them? Hindsight all the moaning but foresight I doubt they had a clue. So the cards were stacked because the riders where at a completely different level when it came to that type of situation...they were simply better. That's it.....other wize the euro's of that time would have figured it out and put it to the Americans.....but history can't be re-written unless your in public schools...:) Those guys were really on, and not just on that jump. McGrath even fell and got back up to re-pass the first Euro, and he didn't catch up simply because of the jumps. They were faster everywhere on that track. I did (finally) watch the entire video (Thanks for posting it)
  9. Track made for the Americans? I remember hearing that back then.....because it had a jump. An AWESOME jump but that the "rap" (excuse)....but most of the Euro's jumped it. It was a hard pack, could have been in California track. BUT we have been forced to run their Stadium Sand tracks and will again next year....but we have Daytona Supercross. It was a track. Everyone had to go around it. They didn't have a chance that day because Lamson & McGrath were simply on. A great day for those two greats, Emig too. Just find it interesting that race gets lost......remember Lamson OWNED the 125's for a few years, McGrath SuperCross and Emig was a National 250 champion the following year. A powerhouse team THAT particular;ar year. As solid and talented as any we have ever sent... ( Just watched that video...those dudes LOOK fast in that race! They were flying even by "so called" todays standards )
  10. Of all the MXDN "Beat Down's", That one in Spain might be the most as Both Jeremy McGrath & Steve Lamson laid waste to the field. AND If I remember Lamson is the ONLY rider in MXDN history to win a moto on a true 125, RV did it with a 250 four stroke. I get the 2007, and Magoo's trouncing back in the 1980's. So much is made about Italy and Johnny O's beating the rest but remember it still was a 500 out front...:) Lamson toasted EVERYONE in that first Moto, took a top 5 with the 250's and McGrath beat everyone with a 1-1 finish in his moto's. Rarely hear about it and there is virtually NO video of that 1996 MXDN trouncing. Why? And why are all the other great performances on display often but Lamson's Historical Ride rarely highlighted?
  11. Yeah, there are idiots everywhere. But more who just want to see good racing. I see him a little different as he's had a moment or two with Tomac granted, like all racers. But usually been a class act and has invested his racing life here vs. there. So much of the online chatter about FIM being so much further ahead.... and this year we have a depleted field in AMA with so many top riders down. Anderson. Martin. But we are entertained by Roczen and Musquin, both very much a part of our racing series. So when France snub's an AMA guy, especially TOP three racer. Just it would be fun to have him be a part of the "How Do You Like Me Now" response. France is favored. Again. Be nice to have our best from this series especially if a French guy tossed aside helps beat France in this years MXON. Who know's might attract more racers from there...make this AMA series more interesting if that precedence is set.
  12. We see riders on Team Puerto Rico, And Marv has been a regular in AMA for years....he's a part of the race culture at thus point. France "Snubbed" him.....:) Tomac, Plessinger, Musquin. Possibly a dominant return by AMA? Just a thought and a twist to FIM. Flame Away!
  13. weimedog

    MXON Matterley Basin Bench racing

  14. weimedog

    MXON Matterley Basin Bench racing

    Zach was the only one of the three who was even competitive. 9th place folks. Let that sink in. That's where the team ended up. If these last few races isn't a wake up call...nothing is. Of course who cares where we stand in the world pecking order right? Obviously after MXGP, The last National, and this MXDN we are not even close to the top of the MX world anymore...and to those who bash the old farts about remembering the good old days....the late 1970's and into the 1980's WERE the good old days for racing MX in the USA, it isn't about the bikes and technology, its about the people involved and the riding relative to the rest of the MX world. Miss the Carmichael and Stewart days as well. Those were some good old days! But, have to keep things in context...some of the 1990s were pretty "dead" too. If the sport can stay interesting and compete with GNC, Hare Scrambles, etc for talent. MAYBE things come around yet again.