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  1. shum8

    Aluminum Framed XRs

    Has anyone ever done an XR-AF? I would love to see some pics. I have found an 03 CR125 with a bad engine and I was just doin a little thinkin. Maybe an XR250 engine stuffed in that frame. Great playbike I would think.
  2. shum8

    CR125 Questions

    OK Im finding that the 03 and newer have the RC Valve. Is this electric or mechanical. Then does this mean that an 02 has a mechanical powervalve? On the links on here there is no info about model year changes from the years 99-02.
  3. shum8

    CR125 Questions

    I am looking at getting my son a used CR125. Does the CR125 up to 2002 have no power valve? And the 2003-up have electric or mechanical type power valve? Is the 02 and the 03 the same frame with different engines? More or less which is the more desirable CR125 out there? The bike Im looking at is an 03 that does not run. I am hoping to get it at a steal, but if the other year models are better I will pass. thanks in advance
  4. I have an 06 KXF450 with the green and black seat. I either want to put a seat cover on it or a replacement seat. Other than SDG who makes replacement seats. Also what is everyones opinion on this. Seat cover is roughly 60 bucks and a new seat is about 95. And it bolts right on. Anyway, opinions please. And Thanks
  5. What does drilling the exhaust port do?
  6. shum8

    85 sprocket question

    I bought my son a slight fixer upper 04 CR85 Big Wheel. He has not ridden it yet so I have nothing to go on. For the woods, would it be better to run a 55 or 56 rear sprocket?? I believe it has a 420 chain with 126 links and runs stock a 15/55 or 15/56 sprocket combo?? Would that be correct?? Thanks in advance
  7. shum8

    brake question

    OK so I bought my son an 04 CR85 Big Wheel. Slight fixer upper to say the least. The brakes are mushy in a bad kinda way. I cleaned the rotors, put in new pads and bled the system. No better results. My question is, What do I do now? Rebuild the master cylinder and caliper or Get on ebay and purchase new take offs? Or could it be the brake lines? What have you guys done? Thanks
  8. shum8

    Lets see your CR85's!

    Sweet, my 11 year old would love that thing.
  9. shum8

    Lets see your CR85's!

    dehotom, that is sweet. What size engine is that? And it looks like it hasnt been ridden in that pic. Have you since ridden it? I raced harescrambles for years and there was a guy that had a YZ 125 chassis with an XR 200 engine in it. He rode that thing forever with good results. If you dont mind me asking, What was the tab and was all that NEW stuff?
  10. shum8

    Lets see your CR85's!

    cool. I wanna see a 150r front fender on an 85. somebody has got to have one.
  11. shum8

    Plastics Question

    I am looking to freshen up my 06 KX450. Will a front fender, lower fork protectors and a number plate off an 09 fit my 06?
  12. shum8

    150R Fender on 85 Pic

    Would someone please post a pic of a 150R front fender on an 85. Thanks
  13. shum8

    CR 85 Front Fender

    I know you guys are thinking, why not do a search. I have and cannot find a pic. I would really like to see a pic. Thanks
  14. shum8

    CR 85 Front Fender

    I picked up a CR 85 Big Wheel for my son the other day and we are starting with new plastic. Will a CRF150R front fender fit? If so would someone post a pic as to what one looks like on a bike. Thanks