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  1. 07 Suz DR650se. 80k miles. 1) Starts having problems starting, but only when the engine is warm. If it's not been run in a few hours, it starts right up, no probs. 2) finally just decides to not start. Cranks just fine, eventually smells flooded. 3) I push it to the local bike shop. 4) They say no spark, they say it's the charging system, needs a new stator. Stator gets there, stator cover gasket takes more than a month to arrive, for reasons of weather on the east coast and union shit at the docks in Long Beach, God only knows. 5) new stator is in, the bike has spark, but no starty. Compression is low (70 lbs), they adjust the valves (first valve job in 80k miles, lol), compression is now a whopping 85 psi, but she still no starty. 6) They say, maybe it's the CDI box but there's no way to be sure, only thing we can do is get a new $600 cdi box/used $400 cdi box and see what happens. At this point they've had my god damn DR650 for 2.5 months. Are my mechanics incompetent or crooks or both? Is there any way in hell a DR with 85 lbs of compression would start at all regardless of the danged CDI/stator?
  2. natefalls

    2014 DR650 starter noise

    I've had a screechy starter on my DR for like, 6 years. It's a known issue I believe--starter motor bushings, I think? I don't think it's indicative of anything really problematic, as mine has been my daily driver for the last half decade or so.
  3. natefalls

    Anyone seen one of these DR650 DEUS?

    Dunno, 8 G's sounds like kind of a lot for a lowered semi-supermoto-ed DR. The bodywork's interesting, I guess, but for that much I'd expect it to exude a tiny bit more badass-ness.
  4. natefalls

    Supermoto DR 650 SE

    Now we just need instructions, so we can build our own. So you didn't have to screw with the rear brake to sprocket spacing or anything like that? Where did you get the specific bearings you used?
  5. natefalls

    dr650 exhuast/slipon

    So everyone keeps saying that the IDS2 is loud, but it sounds like these sound measurements are being taken with a bunch of discs installed. Has anyone tried the things with, say, one disc in? I'm asking because I'm thinking about ditching the stocker, but pretty much only for improvements in sound quality and weight losses, as well as looks. Is there a disc configuration that will make the backpressure similar to the stock unit so I don't have to rejet (I like fuel economy and I've already got the DJ needle installed)?
  6. natefalls

    Is an upgraded DR650 in the future?

    Seems like emissions restrictions will eventually force them to go to fuel injection, and I figure when that happens, maybe they'll get around to a few extra refinements. Honestly, I'd be happy with just a few more HP, 2 inches extra width on the seat, and ideally, a 6th speed for fix the gearing issues. I'd kill for a KLRish tank capacity, too, but I'm happy with my aftermarket tank, since a bigger metal tank would just make it more topheavy.
  7. natefalls

    DR650 Stock wheel value?

    Bear in mind, however, that the DR hubs that East Coast makes, are solid; no cush drive. I'd bet that the OEM hubs are going to be better for your drivetrain in the long run, and are probably just as durable. edit: Probably cheaper too, even if you buy them brand new.
  8. natefalls

    Anybody parting out an old DR250 or DR350

    I may as well bump this, because I'm looking for a rear DR250/350/650 wheel. Anyone got one?
  9. natefalls

    DR650 Stock wheel value?

  10. natefalls

    DR650 Stock wheel value?

    I would not hesitate to pay 400 for a second set of wheels, although it sounds like Shannon may have beaten me to the punch. Got the trailwings on there?
  11. natefalls

    Eibach Springs Open House-Corona, CA.

    Sweet, I'm not far from there at all, and I'm starting to think about upgrading my suspension, so I'm down.
  12. natefalls

    520 vs 525 drivetrain? compatibility?

    Not yet, although I have a feeling I'll need to after I try to get them on without the pliers.
  13. natefalls

    520 vs 525 drivetrain? compatibility?

    Good to hear it. Should it look more like this: or this: ?
  14. natefalls

    520 vs 525 drivetrain? compatibility?

    God, I hope Napa is more useful than the guys at Pep Boys. circlip? Is that like a c-clamp? Whatever they're paying those guys, it's too much.
  15. natefalls

    520 vs 525 drivetrain? compatibility?

    Can you run circlips with the stock sprockets too? And where would a person acquire something like that?