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  1. will it have EFI?
  2. i talked to a friend of mine at the factory. he told me if its not a air leak on the pipe section, it might be an issue of the carb sucking wrong air on a certain spot. they had some issues with some of the 250f . i am sending the carb to factory for an inspection. it also should help to change the the spring of the accelerator pump. there is an sxs part available. besides that he tolt me that jetting on the 09s is spot on.(reffering to the GP/Team Bikes) i will let you know about the outcome of the carb check! rob
  3. hi, can anyone post a link to a decent owners manual. not the crap that comes with bike. not all the exc enduro stuff . i need a proper carburator/jetting manual. thanx rob
  4. hi , my 09 sxf 250 is popping and shooting like hell on while on the engine brake (deccelleartion). i tryed to fix it with feuel mixture screw. didn not work. any ideas. should i go with a richer pilot jet? it also starts hard when cold.
  5. hi , has anyone gotten a 280 kit (vertex, ktm sxs, athena...)? how much was it, and where did you get it? thanx rob
  6. europe-end of august!
  7. best looking 2010 bike!
  8. i am sorry but i find it awsome!
  9. absolutly awesome!
  10. the bikes of the schmidingers look like rotten shit!
  11. the plastics are cycra powerflow. the graphix i do my self. just go to my site and you see all the bikes i did. rob
  12. thats exactly what i discovered after washing. its the lower slider . thanx for all your posts!!!!!!!! this forum rules!!!!!!! rob