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  1. rvanderveur

    What do you RMZ owners want to see in the 2019 model?

    This is not Roy but close...
  2. rvanderveur

    What do you RMZ owners want to see in the 2019 model?

    I love my 2014 RM-Z 250. With that said, the motor could use more tourque low to mid and more over-rev. A wholesale increase of say, 5hp, while is probably wishfull thinking, it's needed. Clutch revision would be good. Weight reduction would be nice however with R&D spread thin, most likely a pipedream, especially when going back to coil spring fork and possibly E-Start(which I can do with out). I love my 2014 chassis, with properly balanced suspension I feel it corners and is stable so the geometry I would not want to change, or at least not change much. Of course bodywork and styling like the new 450. Sick!! IMO, Suzuki would bump up their gross sales overnight if they released a RM-Z 350, RM-Z 350X, RM300X, RM150X, RM250, RM150....I'm probably wrong however the Asian brands seem to be giving away market share to KTM\Husqvarna and the other Euro brands that are filling the gaps in the marketplace.
  3. rvanderveur

    new rmz250 owner

    Hi, congratulations on your purchase! I have a'14 RM-Z250 and being a "bigger" guy for a 250 at 230lbs plus gear maybe I can shed some light. I installed a Yoshimura RS-4, K&N air filter and use the grey\richer coupler and pump gas with stabilizer. Went up 1 tooth on rear sprocket as well. Oh, and suspension went to Factory Connection for set up. The bike is a ripper! Super easy to ride! I can get in a solid 12 laps on practice days where on my 450's I would be cooked by lap 6. So more ride time = more fun!! Chassis is incredible! I set sag at 104mm and I run my fork height with the fork tube line flush with the top of the top tripple clamp. The weak link is the clutch (If your a clutch abuser) I can heat it up pretty fast, It does not slip, simply loose free stroke at the lever and have to adjust on the fly. I guess a Hinson clutch would resolve this but have not gone that route. Static weight, who cares, I can shed weight myself (IMO). I feel this help's with the grip and traction of the chassis. Rs-4 and k&n filter really made a significant difference. Stock the bike is choked up. Let it breathe. Best of luck!
  4. rvanderveur

    Are you late-model RMZ owners still happy about choice?

    Hi, I purchased a 2014 RM-Z250 in '14, Im 6'0" and heavy for a 250f at 230lbs plus gear. I installed a Yoshimura RS-4 and a K&N air filter (big difference) and use the grey\rich coupler. Sent fork and shock to Factory Connection to get dialed in (very happy with the settings) Love the bike! Been reliable(I keep up with it) and the chassis is great! Motor wise, easy to ride, plenty of power (with pipe and air filter, let it breath), gear box is great and I did go up 1 tooth on r-sprocket to get into 3rd sooner. Weak link is the clutch, It tends to heat up fast which requires on the fly adjustment (I installed Pro-Taper cluch lever which helps a ton). An after market clutch basket and set up would take care of this. Overall, been very happy with the RM-Z, would I buy another one? Yes l, with one reservation, I would make a call to factory connection to inquire if they could get the air fork to work as well as my coil fork. When you have the chassis dialed on these bikes are amazing!! Was riding yesterday in very muddy conditions and the feont wheel simply sticks! Good luck!
  5. rvanderveur

    Wanna help me troubleshoot my RMZ?

    I have an 05 RMZ and my float needle was sticking due to the methanol in the gas we have here on the east coast. I had to pull the needle out with needle nose pliers very carefully and then scotch brite the inside of the needle seat due to corrosion/oxidisation on the walls. Put it all back together and it runs great. I use race gas now and have not had any problems. Plus the lead in the race gas offers a bit of a cushion on the valve seats.
  6. rvanderveur

    RMZ450 reliability??

    I have a 2005 RMZ 450 and the bike has been rock solid so far. I have 20 hrs on the hour meter ( I had approx 10 hrs prior). Valves are in spec and the cam chain needed a slight adjustment. New oil/filter every 3 rides and clean air filer every ride. I have 4 air filters I rotate.
  7. rvanderveur


    Hi I have a 2005 RM-Z 450 which is bone stock except a Boyesen Power Shot. I still have a bog down low. Has anyone had luck mitigating the bog with re-jetting?? And if so, what did you do?? Thanks, Rob
  8. rvanderveur

    2005 RM-Z 450 Jetting question

    Hi I have a 2005 RM-Z 450 which is bone stock except a Boyesen Power Shot. I still have a bog down low. Has anyone had luck mitigating the bog with re-jetting?? And if so, what did you do?? Thanks, Rob
  9. rvanderveur

    Update on Wrecked Bike in North Virginia

    I'll put this out there, I live in Philly and I'm a sales rep for Jamis Bicycles. I cover eastern PA, NJ, DE, MD and northern VA. Feracchi is about 20 minutes from my house and I have an account right down the street from them. If you like, I'm willing to meet you in N.VA/DC and take the bike to ferrachi for you. I know your thinking this sound like a scam or something but it's not. I would not tell you who I work for if I were attempting to steal your wrecked bike. I had some one help me out in a pinch once and I feel this may be a good deed. I just thought to put it out there. Rob
  10. rvanderveur

    2005 RM-Z 450 fork height/sag question

    Thanks for your input. The issue I'm having is that the bike's front end dose not feel planted and I feel it understeers. So I think the course of action is per your reccomendations. Set fork height first and then sag. The spring rates are correct for my weight so that is not an issue. And I did change the fork height without checking the sag and I believe that's where my issues bagan, thinking back on it now. Thanks, Rob
  11. rvanderveur

    2005 RM-Z 450 fork height/sag question

    Hi, I'm having handling issues with my 05 RM-Z 450. What is the reccomended fork tube height? There is that little line at the top of the fork tube. I've been told the line should be 3 to 5 mm above the top tripple clamp. And what is the reccomended sag. I've been told 105mm. Thanks for your insight. Rob
  12. rvanderveur

    Switching to RMZ from YZf?

    Hi, I have a 2005 RM-Z 450 and the bike has been great!!! I only have 47 hours on it but everything is in check. I adjusted the timing chain once and the valves are in spec. I just keep the air filter clean and change the oil every 3 to 4 rides. The only extra money I put into the bike was correct spring rates and a revalve for my weight. Oh, and the pro taper clamp and bars. My 2 cents. rvv
  13. rvanderveur

    07 RMZ 450 rear fender

    Yes, I have a 2005 RM-Z 450 and my fender is crooked. What I found is when I remove the subframe during servicing, when I re-install the subframe the fender is straight. Then usually a half hour or so into the next ride the fender is crooked again. I figure the sub frame is settling a bit. Weird..... Rob
  14. rvanderveur

    2009 Husky Pics

    This definately looks like a 1st generation prototype. Sand cast cases, the center cased are CNC'ed, and there is still a data recorder on the forks where the number plate would be. Rest assured the bike will look much better than this proto. Remember, it's Italian and they dig style. Looks like there attempting to lower center of gravity with the shock being monted lower in the frame and the motor is tiny! Looks to be very light! If that mill can crank out 35-37 hp it will rip. Rob
  15. rvanderveur

    false neutral

    This weekend my RM-Z started to fall into neutral between 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th. I was breaking in a set of new Berik boots (which I must say are awesome!) and I believe the height of the front of the boot (bottom of sole to top of fore foot) is higher than my old Sidi's. I was going to re-adjust my shifter but I decided not to and just make sure my foot was supose to be. After a few more laps, no more mis shifts. Those Suzuki gear boxes are very slick to begin with. I wrote it off to pilot error. My 2 cents.