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  1. Thumper44

    2K 426 water issue

    My bike keeps leaking anti-freeze out of the "weep hole". I've replaced the water impeler shaft and bearings and seals. I'll get 5-6 rides out of it and it will start leaking again. Any ideas, or is this common?
  2. Thumper44

    2000 426 clutch fix

    Could someone tell me where the ball bearing, friction plate and the clutch Boss spring goes? I got all the parts but not sure where they go (the old clutch assy. did not have these parts). Thanks for the help.
  3. Try www.xgxracing.com They have some sick graphics.
  4. My bike has started leaking water out of the "weep hole". I changed the water propeller shaft, bearing and seal last year. Does anyone know what might be happening? I've noticed that I have to always put water in the bike, but never noticed the water coming out of the"weep hole" until this past weekend at the dunes. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thumper44

    2000 426 water in oil?

    Thanks. I fell better now.
  6. Thumper44

    2000 426 water in oil?

    There is a black "vent" tube that runs along the left (shifter) side of the front part of the motor. I noticed this weekend that it has dripped a little oil and water mixture on the garage floor. I checked the oil and found no signs of water. Is this normal? Thanks to all that reply.
  7. Thumper44

    What is the 2000 426 clutch fix.

    Thanks for the reply. You wouldn't happen to knoe all the part numbers that should be replaced? If not, cool - you got me going in the right direction. -Thanks
  8. I've read through some posts and cannot really find any detailed information on this. Any help would be great.