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  1. yashko51

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    I ride tight tech singletrack...my worry is the fan draing the battery deep in some valley, I'll opt for it. Not sure if you have heard of this stuff: http://www.evanscooling.com/ I use it out here in the Nevada hot temperatures and my bike has never overheated. In fact, I didn't need a fan kit on my 450 EXC. It might be something to look into if you think your fan is working overtime.
  2. yashko51

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    I have not seen the kick start option yet but they keep adding things that become available for the bike. I don't want the extra weight of the kick starter especially if it won't be used. Seems like kick starters are going the way of points and condenser. I don't have one on my DR650 and have never been stranded.... Regarding the stock pipe versus a Gnarly: Wouldn't jetting be in order due to the different power curves from each pipe?
  3. yashko51

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Something for the BYOB buyers? Sure. That still seems like a sucker's game though. I'd rather buy my own aftermarket parts for less than the BYOB price and still have my factory originals as spares. For less money. Having just gone through the BYOB process, I verified that you actually get the parts cheaper through them. You also get all the "take-offs". For example, the EarthX battery is $30 cheaper through them and I get the original battery when I receive the bike. Granted they won't have every aftermarket part you want but it is still a nice program to offer to the buyer.
  4. yashko51

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    So I took the plunge and ordered a Cross Trainer. Being 63 years old, I have a little more "dirt" left in my bones so I thought I would go back to my roots. A light weight two stroke is what I got great results from (78 KTM 250,82 Husky WR250,Suzuki PE250)back in the day so why not try to recreate that? The oil injection is a plus (IMO). Heck it's 2015! You shouldn't have to premix oil and gas in this day and age. I was worried about not having a kick start but then I thought about how many times I used it on my KTM 400 & 450's. Never! But for a bit more security, I ordered an EarthX lithium battery. I used similar batteries in my thumpers with great results. I also went with the Stillwell suspension upgrade as nothing improves a bike like suspension that is specific to your weight. And now the bad news. The March build was sold out so mine won't be built until May 18th. I guess I will hope that the owners who get theirs in March will post their comments so I can live vicariously through them.
  5. yashko51

    06 Te450

    Does anyone know the wet weight of the 06 TE450 and the fuel capacity? The tank appears to be larger than the 05 in the photos I have seen but I have seen no specs. Thanks Yashko51