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  1. Where in Canada are you? Your info says you are in OHIO?
  2. Yes, for sure they are better than DNM
  3. In Canada www.mini-superstore.com
  4. I know the bikes themselves are different, but the design of the cradle that is in question seems to look almost identical? I have seen both in person.
  5. GPX is made by Jailing, and I believe that Thumpstar uses Jailing motors as well. I know for sure that Motovert and Pitster both have Jailing motors.
  6. Is Pitster going to have the same issue with the cradle they use with the X3. That is a similar cradle?
  7. How would you know something like this?
  8. Who has ridden them? Is there a demo in the States? I would love to see a review on the bike from a riders propective.
  9. Has any one seen or rode one in person to make these opions? Not trying to start anything, just a question to get info to make a judgement for myself.
  10. The stock plastic is not top of the line. If you want better stuff go with UFO or Acrebis. The bars are probably strip, not the risers, I replaced my bars on my X2R after the 2nd ride as the alloy the bars are made of are softer that Pro Tapers, TAGS, etc. I kept those bars before I sold it though.
  11. I have rode a few Motovert Pros. Once we put new DOT fluid in the brakes and bled them properly they seemed to work much better.
  12. This was an Motovert Pro the guy was riding and Bob is talking about the Expert. I know the suspension is soft as it is set up for my 120lb wife that does not ride agressively.
  13. I have about 20 of those chain gaurds for the x model, PM me an I will give it to you if you pay for the shipping?
  14. Here's a video of the motovert in action. Nothing special, local MMA race, won both open motos and in my back yard, nobody was keeping up, look at all the different bikes that got pasted by the vert; pitster, crf with 88cc kit, ttr 125, rcm. Although the riders ability was better than most.
  15. AVS makes a great folding lever. They are about $50 but ar great upgrade. I may have one kicking around the garage.