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    Locked up my YFZ450 last weekend...

    Could be my problem b/c I leave my gas on all the time but I think my engine is ok it may just be the piston scorned I got a guy taking a look at it as we speak he is suspose to call me tom. and let me know whats up with it. I hope it isn't much. I was wondering your guys opinions on the yoshimura trc competitions series Exhaust was on the YFZ450, if I find nothing major is wrong with my bike I may buy one of the to put on it.
  2. Sethh34

    Locked up my YFZ450 last weekend...

    Well I have got maybe 20 hrs. on it not a whole lot. its a 2005 model. We usually ride trails on my friends brother-in-laws land and we ride rodes and we sometimes go to West Point, TN to ride, but I think they are trying to outlaw riding up there due to many deaths. Man I hope it isn't anything serious wrong with my 450 but if it is what I think it could be I'll prolly bore it out to a 480, jet the carb. and put me a yoshimura Carbon Fiber Exhaust on it. Mise well make it faster..lol..Thanks Guys for the Help!!
  3. Me and my buddies were all racing down a straight road and the have a banshee and 2 honda 450r one is an 05 and the other an 06. I started off behind everyone of them and ended up passing them all the people on the honda's were so pissed..lol. I was going down the road when all of a sudden it died and I tried to crank it up and it sounded like the battery was dead, so I took it to a guy I know who works on them and he unlocked the engine, But I was wondering what could be the problem with it when I crank it up I hear a bad knocking sound. I hope all it is is the piston in it. What do u guys think could be the problem?