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  1. rossobe

    New Apocalypse Now, my 125/490 hybrid, pictures

    do they not have carwashes in japan?
  2. rossobe

    Anniversary Re-make

    So since yesterday was an unofficial holiday i decided it was the perfect time to bust out my never ridden on anniversary plastics. Also convienant since yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of me buying the bike. Check out my modded plastics, i think it would be sweet if someone made these as a real kit.
  3. rossobe

    I love my 450, 350 cc NOT WELCOME

    rather than going down to a 350, couldn't they just start implementing like a 90db sound limit? all that sound restriction will bring the bikes right on down to 250 2T horsepower, all while helping to keep our riding areas.
  4. rossobe

    Chevy Colorado Crew Cab

    i have one and the bed is about 4 ft long. yes the bed will fit with the tailgate down and it fits two bikes nice. no it will not fit at an angle with the tailgate closed. the fenderwells run up into the front of the bed preventing the front wheel from going all the way up into the corner of the bed. we were desperate to get them both in there.
  5. brake cleaner and wire here...
  6. rossobe

    Yamaha Auction or only Honda CRFs?

    Yamaha has auctions also. They are held in the spring in Chicago. The dealers go and bid on lotsof bikes at great discounts. In 06, the dealer i worked at bought like 30 bikes from them of all ranges and had some pretty good deals like 06 YZ 125 OTD for $3300. I bought my 06 250f from them in July 06 for $4200 OTD.
  7. rossobe

    Rear Brake Caliper Loose

    make sure your rear axle is tightened properly.
  8. rossobe

    National Ride to work Day

    if that poster is right it says july. 1 month still?
  9. rossobe

    Any TTrs in St louis?

    if you are a motocrosser there is a brand new track located off of hwy 64 in ESTL. just about 2 minutes across the bridge. www.archviewmxpark.com its a great track.
  10. rossobe

    fmf megabomb

    check out yamaha's new GYTR header. i am close to purchasing it. claims like the megabomb with lower noise output and more low end. but at a better price. plus they look cool as hell. http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/accessories/acscitemdetail/5/12/7/2289/all/1/6955/0/detail.aspx
  11. rossobe

    Say What!!! (ST.Louis pic)

    wait to see the Lites race on speed next weekend. now that was the best race of the year!
  12. check out my recently completed yama-door!
  13. rossobe


    old school Oury's all the way.