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    New 450R valve questions

    Thanks for the info feedback!
  2. I just bought a new 05 450r last week and just finished breaking it in! I love the bike so far but after reading a few of the posts about the valves I'm a little nervous. I previously owned an 03' YZ 450 and never had any problems with it. I raced two full seasons without replacing anything on the bike other than normal stuff, chain, sprocket,etc; As I read through all these forums it seems that almost everyone that owns a CRF has problems with the valves so I have just a couple of questions. What symptoms should I be looking for to tell if the valves are going bad? How long do they usually last? How hard is it to work on them? What does it usually cost to maintain them? Like I said i used to have the YZ 450 and I have finally switched to Honda. I'm happy with the switch so far because the new bike feels much lighter and easier to control than my YZ. I just hope I'm not doing a bunch of maintenance all the time. I'm not very mechanical and new to TT so any information you guys can provide will be helpful. Thanks